Saturday, August 30, 2008

28/29ish Week Belly Pic

For those of you who care, this was taken in our master bedroom, not outside. We have a little deck that is yet to be used because it is so stinkin hot here. We think someday, it will be a really nice place to sit.

My appointment on Monday and ultra sound showed everything to be on track and looking good. I had to take the boys with my so I didn't enjoy the ultrasound very much and also, the baby wasn't too into having his picture taken. She said his size looks great for a November 16 due date. The doctor was in and out because one of his patients was in labor so he was seeing me before he went to deliver her. So, not much face time, like seriously, 3 minutes.

I did get a tour scheduled for the hospital. A whole month before my due date!

I feel him move and kick a lot more, it makes me excited to meet this new little guy! I think we are going to have a list of names we like and then pick after we meet him. Hopefully, we'll be able to choose faster than Karoline! I am not feeling any more ready, his room is still in shambles, no car seat, no crib mattress. But at the same time, we have a bassinet, and I can get newborn diapers pretty easily. So, I guess after we get a car seat, maybe I'll chill out.

I am waiting for my nesting phase to set in. I have zero motivation to paint his room or get it ready and zero motivation to paint our entryway and hallway (which is our project for this weekend).

I am also quite sore from bowling last evening. It hurts to walk. I should have known since it doesn't feel all that great to walk on a normal day but I was determined.

Off, to finish taping and start painting trim!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Situation: Sage knocked Kolby down. (This happens 8,000 times a day) Kolby cries. (This happens 8 million times a day)

I say: Kolby, are you okay, did you get hurt?

Kolby, nodding and saying yeah, me asking where? Him reaching around to his butt and saying "Buuu."

I laughed out loud.

Situation: Boys playing in the living room, me working in kitchen.

I hear: "Kolby, say Dear Jesus." "De Jesus" (except you totally can't understand Jesus) "You are in heaven." Kolby babbles something. "I can't get to heaven without you." Kolby babbles something else. "Amen." "Men!"

Situation: Getting Sage ready for his nap.

I ask: "Is there anything you want to talk about, Sage?"

He says: "Well, I just didn't want to go to fireworks because everyone would eat all our cupcakes." (We took cupcakes to the place we watched fireworks from and shared them with a bunch of people, that was the intended plan.)

Situation: Kolby sitting on Drew's lap in the drivers seat of the van.

Kolby: "Vroooomm." flashing us a huge grin.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Last week I got to go home. Home to where I grew up, to visit my parents, sister and best friend. By myself. I didn't drag my two sweet boys with me. I rode on a plane by myself. Do you know how nice that is? I read two books, a magazine and did some Bible study.

I got home Sunday night. And Monday morning was back to reality as Kolby came in to wake me up. And I remembered that I had to take both boys with me to the doctors visit where I have to drink the orange soda and wait for an hour. And have an ultrasound. I had tried to find a sitter, it just didn't work out.

They did great. Except for when Sage hit Kolby because Kolby hit Sage accidentally while swinging the magna doodle around. While I was getting the ultrasound. She told me I needed to relax. The baby looks great, he is a good size and she saw another peek that he is indeed a he. He didn't look at us too much and quite honestly, I just wanted to get out of there before the boys destroyed something or each other.

We were on our way to Chick-fil-A as a reward for behaving so well and then I saw USA Baby and thought we could just pop in for a quick look at car seats. It didn't go as well as the doctor visit but we didn't destroy anything.

And then I spent a lot of the afternoon on the phone trying to figure out how much it costs for Kolby to see a Ponsetti certified doctor since he isn't on our insurance plan. I still don't know if we would have to pay for the shoes or if insurance would cover them. They are $400 shoes so it is kind of a big deal. Frustrating process.

I will get back to more exciting things when more exciting things happen. For now, this is life.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've got baby on my mind

Last night I pre-registered for the hospital and found out that there are no open tour dates before my due date. I quickly sent them an email and pleaded my case, we'll see what happens. I am not holding out too much hope, if worse comes to worse, I'll just go and walk around by myself and ask my doctor a lot of questions! I don't even know if I labor, deliver, recover and stay in the same room or if I get moved. With Sage, it was all in one room and with Kolby, I was moved after delivery to a different floor even!

During Kolby's tour, we learned that if they pick up the red phone, that is a bad sign. Guess what? They called on the red phone right after Kolby was delivered. He had some fluid or something, he wasn't breathing the greatest. And then he was. And then they wanted to keep him in the nursery to keep an eye on him. I cried. And then he got sent to the NICU. I cried some more. It ended up not being that big of a deal, although it delayed his circumcision to literally right before we were discharged.

Thinking back to Kolby's birth and then care afterwards. It is no wonder I was so depressed. I didn't even think through things, just went through the motions.

So, Kolby was in the NICU, they told me I couldn't go down between the hours of 7 and 11 am because that is when the doctors do their rounds. But I needed to speak to the doctor because Kolby was born with clubfoot and we were very clueless as to what that meant and how or where to begin with treatment. You learn fast as a parent, huh? So, he was in the NICU, I was in the recovery room one floor up, we still hadn't lived in New Haven for a year and guess how many visitors I got? One. The young marrieds pastor from our church. I was pretty lonely. And Drew wasn't able to hang out with me much because we had a 20 month old that needed to be looked after.

During this, they weren't too clear (read: never discussed) on how I was to nurse him. I think they gave him a bottle once and then I asked about nursing and pumping. Then they brought me a pump and them told me that I could just go down to nurse him. He wasn't too thrilled with the idea by then. But the next time, while sitting with a lactation consultant, he was perfect.

Then, I had to take Kolby in for his couple day old check up and of course they wanted to weigh him again in a couple days. It worked out as I had to take him that same day to get his first set of cast for his clubfeet. At first the doctor was like, oh just pop over right after he gets his casts on. I looked at them confused and said but then, you won't know how much weight he gained because his casts will add weight for sure. Right. Wow. And this was at Yale Hospital!

And I don't even want to get in to the details of the clubfoot appointment. It was one of the worst doctor experiences I've had. Let's just say, we didn't go back and recommended others not to either. I am convinced that if we had stayed with that doctor, Kolby's feet would be in worse shape because of it, he might not even be able to walk normally.

Maybe I will tell the tale of Kolby and his club feet. I don't think I've done that yet. Keep coming back for more exciting posts from me!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sage's Baby Names Ideas

1. Wall-E- from the movie

2. Toby Mac or Toby- the Christian singer

3. Lars- from the book Little Polar Bear

4. Boston- like the Red Sox

Boston is his number one choice. If either of us suggests anything else, he reminds us that Boston is the baby's name.

We have no idea what to name this baby, our third boy. We named Sage because we like the meaning, which is wise and we named Kolby after the little boy that I nannied for in college.

Both of our boys were named late in the game, like a week or so before delivery. I know we'll figure it out, I just don't know how. And with both the boys we were confident in other names before we really named them.

With Sage, he was going to be Ian for most of the pregnancy. Kolby was going to be Cael. Neither of those names have been suggested this pregnancy.

We are open to ideas. We would kind of like a different beginning letter than what we have and it can't be too normal.

By asking your ideas, I am trying to not buy a baby name book. I've heard of The Baby Name Wizard, I am just reluctant to buy another name book.

And, I realized this afternoon that I am beginning week 27, the start of my third trimester and we are so not prepared. At. All.

Our goal was/is to have our house all painted before the baby comes. That would also suggest that we need to decide on a color for his room and for the entry/hallway. But, I did find bedding for the crib and have an idea in mind for the queen bed that will be in his room too. Right now, his room is pink with a floral border.

And a car seat. And a crib mattress. And small cloth diapers. And some bottles, just in case. And some pacifiers, definitely.

So, if I go to 40 weeks, we have 13 left, but because with the boys I went to 38, I am guessing we have about 11 weeks.

Sounds doable. I hope the nesting instinct sets in fast and furious.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And have you seen this post?!

MckMama's baby Stellan got his miracle!

His heart is beating normally. It's a miracle. God is good!

I have many thoughts swirling around regarding this. I knew God could do this if he wanted to. It just seems like in so many instances, for whatever reason, God doesn't do the miracle we pray for. He answers prayer in many ways, I know that. And I know that just because we ask for a certain thing doesn't mean we will get it.

I needed this miracle. I needed to know that God is still a God of miracles. I needed to see him perform. And he did. In a mighty way, a way that medical science cannot explain.

Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Lesson in Lying

Sage is a liar and a sinner. I knew that. But now I know that.

This morning, I've been working at my desk clipping coupons, going through a stack of papers. He was standing next to me talking to me. I had to go to the bathroom and said don't touch anything, it's really messy over here.

I came back. The scissors and coupons were scattered on the floor.

I questioned him if he touched my stuff. He shook his head and said "Bo did it."

I knew that Bo didn't do it, I could hear him right outside the bathroom door driving his car up and down the door. I knew he was lying.

I asked him again to tell me the truth. Did you do it? He said "Oh, I forgot, I did touch it."

I said "Come over by me and look me in the eyes. Did you lie to mommy or did you forget?"


"Sage, your sins will find you out, if you are lying to mommy, God knows and you need to ask him for forgiveness for lying."

As he walks back into the living room "God, sorry for lying to mommy." as he chuckles just a little.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Do you ever feel...

like you should write something but aren't sure what to write?

I think it's called writers block.

So, today you get a summary of our time in our new city thus far.

A couple weeks ago, I felt like I didn't know where home was. I can't say that I feel at home yet, but I am getting there. I think it is partly because fall is coming (well, to some parts of the country, we'll see fall in about January). But with fall, it means school starts! So, school isn't starting for our little family quite yet. But, it means a schedule, not a week looming in front of me with only swimming lessons to take up some time. I am excited and nervous about our new schedule.

On Tuesdays, both boys are going to Mothers Day Out from 9 - 2. Those are the days that I plan to grocery shop, Target runs and my doctor appointments. On one hand, I wonder if it won't be enough time and on the other, I wonder what I am going to do to fill my time. In my short career as a mother, I have never had 5 hours every week with no children to do what I want or need to do. Quite frankly, I am nervous, excited and already feel a little guilty. And totally blessed. Mothers Day Out isn't in every part of the country, ya know!

Every other Wednesday, we'll go to MOPS! I didn't think we would get to do it, but we do. And, if I want to leave the kids in the childcare until 2 on that day, it costs me $4 per child. That is child care for $2 an hour per child! Can you believe it! Considering that I pay our 14 year old sitter (whom we love) $7 to $8 an hour!

Thursdays, we will go to Community Bible Study. The boys will go to child care while I go to Bible study. I am pretty excited to have an in depth study again.

This brings me to my new schedule. I have started to get up earlier than the boys in the morning! Shocking. I know. If you know me at all, you know I love to sleep and do not love getting up in the morning. We are trying something new. The boys get up to an alarm. It is set for 7:20am. My alarm is set for 6:15. I have time to eat breakfast with Drew, read my Bible and do a little study and maybe get a shower. I am thinking I should set it for 6 because that shower is going to start to become very valuable.

Here is why I like it: it gives me time to collect my thoughts and be by myself. If I get a shower, it takes away the morning tv watching. I actually get my Bible study done.

And these new activities excite me because it means meeting new people! And, hopefully, people who live close(r) to me. I have met some really nice women, but they live in the suburbs.

I am also slightly nervous about all this because I'm having a baby in November. Nothing like a newborn to mess with a schedule! Newborns make their own schedule, but I am hoping to fit him into ours. If that makes sense.

But that is a whole different post.

Throw in a little schooling, crafts, health club and swimming and I think our weeks will be quite busy. And quite exciting!

Thanks for reading, if you actually read the whole thing. I know it is boring to some, but I feel like we are getting things figured out!

Next up: Costco vs. Sams Club

Just kidding. I think.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Thoughts Flowing Through my Head

Does it really matter if Sage doesn't go to preschool at age 4?

A director of a preschool told me today that I would be doing him a disservice by not putting him in a school until age 5.

I disagree.

I found a preschool that is $290 a month and has a spot open. It is everyday from 9 am to noon.

I am nervous that with a baby due in November, taking him to preschool everyday would be quite overwhelming. Am I a wimp?

I think I can put Sage and Kolby in Mothers Day Out from 9 to 2 on Tuesdays, do MOPS on every other Wednesday and then Community Bible Study on Thursday mornings. And it would save us money.

Oh, and we would do some school at home too.

I need some more systems and organization for our daily routines.

I feel kind of silly for saying that.

In my mind, I can be super mom.

It makes me tired to think about it.

That is why I need a system or a schedule.

I don't like doing crafts with the boys. Am I bad mom for admitting that?

I end up doing the whole craft myself. Because they don't put enough glue or do it the way I think it should be done.

Control much?! I'm working on it. The sad thing is, I stink at crafts, they would probably do a better job.

I am scared to do school at home.

I feel inadequate. And like I don't have the patience.

Here's a picture of the boys wearing the craft they, I mean I, made at the library yesterday.

Here's how Kolby preferred to wear it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Friend of Wall-E

Alternately titled: My First Experience with a Cockroach

Now, anyone who lives in Texas knows that there are cockroaches, everyone has them and there is little you can do about them, except kill them upon site, which is what any good American would do.

Drew has dealt with all the cockroaches in our house. He gets up before me and takes care of any that have appeared overnight. They are usually on their back, kicking their legs trying to get flipped back over. I have killed my fair share of big, black ants and various other bugs but not a cockroach. The closest I had seen one thus far was out on our back deck while I was safely in my house. I can so handle that.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, mid morning, I saw a large cockroach scamper across my kitchen and into the dining area. I screeched as he tried to hide under the bag of cardboard and newspaper recycling stuff that I had sitting out to drop off.

Sage appropriately backed away. Kolby got down on all fours and said "Hi, hi" while waving.

I shooed Kolby back, I didn't need him scaring him and the cockroach scampering off and then grabbed my camera.

Drew has told me "the drill" for taking care of the cockroaches. Put a paper towel on top of it and then drop a heavy Architecture book on top.

I was so disgusted at the sight of the paper towel, I could do nothing but take a picture before throwing it away and washing my hands.

I'm sure I will repeat this scenario but the first time required documentation. And if anyone is wondering, no we never did find that little lizard that scampered back into our house and I don't really want to think about it. Or open any of the boxes that are stacked in the front closet.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baby Update

I had a routine doctor appointment for the baby yesterday. I am measuring small, so he ordered an ultrasound for the next time I come in, which will be August 25. I did some research on the internet, actually, it landed in my inbox and according to "Measuring small for dates means your fundal height is more than 2 centimeters shorter than what's normal for your stage of pregnancy. Your practitioner will probably order an ultrasound to confirm your due date, in case you're not as far along as you thought, and to rule out problems such as intrauterine growth restriction and too little amniotic fluid.

Being small of stature or having well-conditioned abdominal muscles can give you a smaller initial fundal measurement. Or you may have a small, perfectly healthy baby. Some babies are small because their parents are small. But if your baby isn't growing as he should be, you'll have another ultrasound in a few weeks to check on his growth, and frequent monitoring to assess his well-being."

It's funny that I measured small because I have started to feel quite large, at least in the bottom department! And my due date did get moved up a week, so maybe I'm not as small as he thinks. The baby is moving a lot lately. It has become my favorite activity to just lay or sit and feel him move. At church on Sunday, my belly was hopping all over the place with kicks. He also wakes me in the middle of the night with movements. I don't remember that with Sage or Kolby, should I be nervous?!

I'm 25 weeks now, officially in the sixth month, time to pre-register at the hospital and take a tour. All of a sudden, I am worried that I won't like the hospital and how they do things. Room in vs. not room in. Baby going to the nursery right away or staying with me right away.

Having a baby, there are so many unknowns and things to worry or be concerned about. All I can do is keep praying and trust that God has me where he wants me, like all of life!

Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm not gonna lie

I might be a little nervous regarding Edouard.

It's just that I don't know what to expect. Most likely, we will just get rain and some thunderstorms. And I'm not even scared about the what ifs. We have some bottled water and some canned food, we're as prepared as we're gonna get.

But when I get an email saying our church is shutting down for the day and Drew gets an email that says not to come in if it is dangerous... I guess I start to get nervous.

I know whose hands we are in, I know who is in control and I'm not scared just nervous. I also know who to give those nerves to!

So, no worries after all!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Today has been a wonderful day.
Sunday school.
Lunch at new friends house.
A little bit of rest.
Grocery shopping with no kids.
Friend from Yale and her new husband coming for dessert.
Drew helping to clean the house.
Computer time.
Lots of baby kicks and movements all day long!

Did you notice a new button on my sidebar? Praying for MckMama and Baby Stellan? I am. A lot. Every time my baby moves inside me, he reminds me to pray for Stellan. She reminds me to cherish everything about being pregnant, not just the great feelings of movements but my sore feet at the end of the day, my pulsing, aching vericose veins, already feeling like I am waddling, carrying this baby is a miracle and I am not promised another day.

From now on, I consider it pure joy to carry this baby. Every minute of every day. It's a great day to carry my sweet little boy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Decorating Revisited

I know! You're sick of it, so am I! But, I have a question. Before I ask, I need to clarify since you can't see me face to face and some of you have never met me face to face. This question is in no way meant to tear my husband down, hurt his feelings or anything. I am just curious.

How much input does your husband have in the decorating of your house?

In our house, Drew has a lot of say. The final word kind of say. And there is good reason for that. He is trained as an architect. He has ideas and opinions and would like them expressed in his house. And normally, we share tastes. I like what he likes and don't have too many opinions of my own.

And usually, if I do have an opinion, he likes it and wants to make it happen. For example, I was flipping through the new Pottery Barn catalog (the designers bible for me, not so much for him) and said "Ooh, lets paint the kitchen this orange color!" And he said, "Sure, babe, and then I can do the cabinets at the same time."

The most frustrating part for me has been our walls in our living room. We have one large blank wall that needs something. We have blown up pictures of the kids above the fireplace so we need something different. I'm really wanting a painting type something because we have a lot of photographs, which I love, I just want something different on this wall.

And, I am coming up empty with throw pillows. I am not seeing anything I like!

That is all, enough complaining about decorating.

At first, I said we need to finish painting the rest of the house, but now, I'm thinking we should just paint the kitchen this weekend!