Monday, October 01, 2007

The Right Time

Drew and I have been talking lately about the right time to have another baby. This is not an announcement, don’t read ahead!

Okay, so I have been thinking about it and talking to Drew. Not much talking about it from his side.

My thoughts are, I kind of want to get pregnant in February or March and have the baby in Ocotober or November. That way, we will move the end of May, beginning of June, we will have time to get settled, get Sage in a preschool, Kolby would be 2.5, Sage would be 4. Kolby could be walking in and out of stores, Sage might even be able to buckle himself in the car. And Sage, Kolby and I should be able to have a pretty fun summer going places. But it is the beginning of flu season, and if a newborn were to get the flu or a fever, it’s just not good.

My other thought is to wait until after we move to get pregnant. Then the baby would be due in March or April, flu season would be over. Sage would still be 4 and Kolby would be 3. He should be potty trained (I’m still hopeful that he will be easy, although, I thought he would be an easy newborn since Sage wasn’t and that didn’t happen) or at least close. He would be able to help a lot and then the baby would be fairly small and easy to take places for the summer.

My last thought is, how silly am I to think we will get to choose when we will have our next baby!? It’s not like our first two have been in our perfect plan but they sure were in God’s perfect plan and we have learned that His plan is best.

Sometimes, I just wish I knew His plan, so I could make mine.

And sometimes, I think I want identical twins.

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  1. ohhhh giggle giggle - twins - that is not even funny for a poor mom of two kids under five!!!!


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