Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My First Challenge

Challenge: Finding joy in poopy underwear.

Joy: Drew was home and took care of it!

My Second Challenge

Challenge: Finding joy in figuring out how to get Sage to use the toilet and not his underwear

Joy: Undiscovered

So, he gets it, he understands the process, he just doesn't want to go through the process. This morning, he was holding the doorknob of the bathroom, talking to Drew about what it means to be a big boy and use the toilet. He said "I want to be a big boy and poop in the toilet." (Insert small grunting noise here) "I pooped in my underwear." Drew made him stand in the grossness of poop in his underwear and that made him (and me) upset. (I was not about to discredit Drew in that situation, though, Sage needed to realize how upset Dad was) It did make him mad when Drew said he wasn't going to clean him up.

The consequences that we are all sufferring, will be no Cubbies tonight and no dvd's until he poops on the potty. The big fat tears of sadness at no dvds and no Cubbies, hopefully, show me that these are rewards that will work with him.

I'm having a hard time finding joy in potty training. In fact, I dare say, Sage isn't really potty trained, but I am. I am trained to remember how long it has been since he last went and tell him to go. He doesn't go so willingly anymore. He says "Otay, but, I sink that maybe not today." Or something to that effect. He hasn't peed in his underwear in a while, but also, rarely does he say "I have to go to the bathroom!" and go. Once in a while that happens. I think if I let him, he would pee in his underwear all the time, I think.

Potty training is stinky.


  1. I hate it too!!! I would say that I am potty trained also. We have figured out that Drew (mine not yours) always poops right before/after supper. We make him sit there and go before supper. We don't always catch him and he gets a "wittle" spank if he messes his drawers!

    I wish I had the key to this but I am searching also!

  2. One thing that has helped Caleb is to give a cold bath/wipe off session after he poops. Having said that I will probably have my hand in the toilet pulling out the underware that has flushed down the toilet amidst poopy water - - Tomorrow. True story!


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