Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Names, Again

You can probably tell by my kids names that I don't want them to have the same name as five other boys in their class at school. We thought long and hard about what to name them.

We picked Sage Andrew because Sage means wise and we want him to be a wise boy/man. Andrew is after his dad.

We picked Kolby Bo___ because I had nannied for a Kolby all through college and loved the name. Bo___ is my maiden name.

After naming Sage, we realized that it was a unisex name.

I was okay with that, at first. I mean, we can't rename him, especially now that he is 3!

But, here is what really bothers me. We met a couple out here and they are acquaintence's. We saw them only when our mutual friends invited us all to a bar-b-que or a birthday party.

They had a little girl this summer. They named her Sage. They too want her to be wise. Sophia also means wise.

We had laughed that we liked the meaning so much we could name a girl Sophia! Don't worry, Holly, we won't name our girl, Sophia, you already have that name in the family!

I was (ehem, maybe still am) bothered by this. I am irritated that they named their little girl Sage after meeting our boy Sage.

Am I justified in that?

At least, we will probably never see them again.

The problem is that boys names are difficult to pick and find and just when a cool, strong, solid boys name is found, a little girl pops up with the same name.

There are not too many names that are only boys names. There are a lot of girls names that are only girls names, so can't parents of girls just back off?!

I have a slight double standard because I thought it would be kind of cool to name a girl Andrew and call her Drew. But we aren't going to do that, I promise!


  1. You can't go wrong with Donald or Harold or Gary or even Scott....

  2. Justified! We had a name stolen by a family member. I have 3 other girl names picked out but can't come up with another good boy name - I think that Drew was a really good name - strong and courageous.

    As for the Jen.... family - their kids have good names and must be special to have at least 2 kids named after their kids!

  3. dang it! I just posted a whole comment, gone!

    That is 85 kinds of annoying. I never thought your kids' names were good girl names. Scott's sis has your younger ones' name, and I have never been able to get used to it.

    We almost named Asher something different because we worried people would think he was a girl. That has only happened once with my WT neighbor, who also stapled the butt of his pants because they split...so...

    Asher was almost Ethan Asher because of that whole thing.

    If we ever have another baby, we want to do my maiden name, either boy or girl. The first part of my maiden name would be a sweet name for a little girl. (Right now, Kiki, you are going, 'NO IT WOULDN'T!') It grows on you. :)

    I definitely think there are name rules. Lots of people ignore them though. It's weird.

    You and I are both name junkies. I love them. I know all my friends' kids' middle name. I think they think I'm weird. Oh well.

    One thing though - if I hear another Ashtyn spelled all crazy like that, I will stab my eyes out with toothpicks.

  4. p.s.
    I knew a little boy named Jen--- and I think that's really, really cute for a little boy, and a man, too.

  5. one more thing -
    do you find that certain people can take a name and it's ok, but with other people it is annoying?

    my mom was saying how she didn't think about name originality with us, rather that she just liked the names. i think maybe i was too obsessed with having a really different name, that's where "Soren" came around for a boy. it's weird though, because I have always liked my name, even though it is relatively popular. and now I couldn't think of Lucy being anything other than a Lucy or Asher being anything other than an Asher. Names are so strange to me, because if we had named him Ethan, than he would have been an Ethan to us. It was so much easier to name Lucy than it was to name him, because I feel like when men are older you don't want them to have this name that people are like, "what?" We were literally in the delivery room still deciding. I am SO glad we didn't decide on Henry because it is getting so so popular, as much as I love it. And Hank Hill---- sounds funny. Watch Asher and Lucy be like among the top 10 names and I will eat my words. ;) I love the names now though! :)

    a friend told me the other day that it seems that children really can be defined by their names. I think that is totally true.

    you chose very strong names for your boys... I always thought the name of that Sage Sko--- in high school was really weird because I always thought it to be a boys' name. I LOOOOOOOVE that name, both of them!

    Ok, I'm done now.

  6. i am a name junkie, too. boy's names are extremely difficult and we have 2 of them just like you! we had it easy with the 1st one b/c we followed lineage & name him after his father & grandfather, but we call him "Trip", short for triple, since he is the third. our younger son's name is Quinn (which i picked after searching last names in the phone book, tirelessly, for hours...) since then, i have met 2 people who know a girl named Quinn. that sucks! (i'm the friend of brenda's who reads this from time to time)


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