Friday, October 12, 2007

More Stories From the Toilet

I want to write something, but am having a hard time coming up with anything besides more poop stories and how I want to give my 3 year old away and have him come back after he learns to poop in the potty and not his underwear.

My mind is consumed with poop right now.

I can't tell you how much of my day I am thinking, Does he have to poop, now? Did I give him enough fiber filled foods today? Should I ask him if he needs to go poop? Do I smell poop? Is it Kolby or Sage? Did he just fart? Does that mean he might need to poop? I fart without needing to poop. Should I make him sit on the potty to poop?

That is what I think about all day long (and world peace). And then, after he poops in his underwear, I think, should I spank him? Is he being disobedient? Is he exercising his strong will with poop? I am a failure. I don't know what to do. I should google poop.

My google search from Wed. said that he has had a bad experience with pooping on the potty. It hurt and now he associates pain with the potty. So, I have to make sure that he eats fiber foods. Foods that get things going. He has been drinking straight juice (oh the horror!), eating peaches or pears. His poop is the perfect poop. Not too hard, not too soft, slides right out kind.

It said I should let him poop in a diaper in the bathroom. Except, he won't tell me he needs to poop so how am I supposed to put said diaper on?

My friend said I should sit him on the potty the same time everyday and train his bowels.

I think that is my next step. And maybe spanking.


  1. Oooh! You have my heartfelt compassion. Not looking forward to that stage at our house.

    Krista L.

  2. We went through the same thing with Luke for a short while. He had been telling us he had to go on the toilet. Then something changed and he started going in his pull-up. It was a hard call to know if he was choosing to go in his pants or if he couldn't control it again. We spanked for a while but I didn't want him to not ever poop for fear of a spanking. So every time it happened we just stressed how disappointed we were and there were no rewards for going in his pants. Eventually he went back to telling us he had to go. So no real advice except keep chugging- it will happen.

  3. Chunk - I'm giggling but my stomach is feeling sick too because I can picture it all, especially they thinking about it every second. I remember calling my mom and my best friend and saying that potty training is the hardest parenting thing I've ever done. Our pediatrician said that we all have a psychological need to go "in" something. He recommended that I not let him wear anything on his lower half and that we not leave the house for 3 or 4 days if that's what it took. I was a skeptic thinking he would crouch in the cornder but it worked. The morning of day 3 he just couldn't hold it any longer and after 3 hours of crying and trying not to let it come out - it did into the potty. Each time after that it got better and then after a week or so he even pooped in a gas station bathroom :) Don't ask me why he didn't poop in his pull up at night? He did a few times in the next month or so but not during the initial 3 day boot camp (or should I say Butt camp) Do you have one of those seats with the handles? He really liked holding on. I think he had a fear of falling off or in. I will say a prayer for your Monday!


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