Monday, October 08, 2007

My Life

I heard Kolby walk into the dining room while I was showering (Blues Clues doesn't keep his attention) I towelled off and my mama instincts told me to check on him. He was standing on the dining room table.

After lunch, I finished putting the dishes in the sink and then came to the living room, thinking it's really quiet. Sage is half laying on the couch and looks at me guiltily. He said "I just pooped and peed." Wonderful.

I went to the front door to sign for a UPS package. Kolby followed. I scooped him up to carry him back inside. I got a woof of something awful. I went to change his diaper and noticed poop was oozing out the leg. I looked at my shirt. Of course.

This is just today and it is only 2:30 pm.

Wine anyone? I mean, whine anyone?


  1. Mondays. So sorry that your has been crummy or should I say poopy? It's raining and cloudy here and we had a playdate this morning where the other mom and I never finished a sentence unless you include the refereeing and time outs. I use these days to wonder if my life will be boring 5 years from today or even crazier :)

  2. Boys just amaze me! Last night I found Drew standing on TOP of Jason's truck - look at me mommy I did it!

    Goodness get down.

  3. Laughing, just laughing. Sorry, it just sounds so familiar. I 2nd your plea for wine...uhh, whine.


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