Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A New Day

I like that I can tuck yesterday behind me and start a new day today. It helps that Drew encouraged me to go running this morning. Time away and exersing does a world of good for me. And the weather is cooler. I am not sweating today!

I have taken care of 3 kids all day, my 3 year old and 18 month old and my friends 9 month old. In addition, I have done 2 loads of laundry, dishes, swept and mopped the floor, swiffered the other floors, did a Bible study on joy and baked a cake. And fed all three of them and kept them in clean diapers, well not the three year old!

Why is today so different from yesterday? I have still dealt with poop, although not on me!

I am so affected by weather. It has been so hot here for far too long. It cooled off today.

I went running.

And most importantly, I read my Bible and did a study on Contagious Joy, a Women of Faith study guide series.

I want people to think of me as joyful and I want them to catch joy from me. The thing with joy, is that it is always there, but I don't always choose it. I have to ask to see it. Sometimes, every day requires me asking for joy, many times a day.

One of the quotes in the side of the study from Barbara Johnson says "We all have seen dreams turn to ashes- ugly things, hopeless experiences- but beauty for ashes is God's exchange. In the midst of the darkness, you will learn lessons you might never have learned in the day."

I am going to start asking God to show me joy that's unaffected by the changes in my circumstances or emotions. Easier said than done!

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