Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great Expectations

Everyone has them for themselves. What they should get done in a day. How much money they should make. How big their house is. What kind of car they drive. How cute their kids will be dressed.

That’s mine. How cute my kids will be dressed. Specifically my girls. (Which I don’t have, yet) I expect that my little girl will wear a super cute outfit everyday. With matching hair bow. And socks. And shoes.

I look at my boys who each own one pair of shoes that fit them, running shoes to be exact. Okay, so Sage has flip flops and crocs that fit too.

And I can’t imagine my little girl only having one pair of shoes. I mean, she will need a cute pair of practical shoes for everyday, which will be hard to choose just one and at least one pair of dressy shoes. That is just the essentials for a little girl, and then you look at all the cute shoes that are just cute and therefore, she needs them.

And then I look at my boys’ hair. I haven’t cut it since August. And I don’t plan on it. For two reasons, I am lazy and cheap and I like it a little longer, okay that was three. I also, don’t brush or comb it everyday. That is evidenced by one day when I decided to gasp! brush Sage’s hair before we left the house and he said “Mom, we don’t brush my hair in the morning, silly!” About the only time, I brush their hair is right after a bath. I am not going to get into how often or not I bathe my boys!

And I remember my expectation of the matching hair bow everyday. Which would require it to be put into her hair everyday, and her hair to be brushed everyday. Okay, so I plan on at least brushing it everyday, maybe. I do remember going through a period of time when I would not allow my mom to brush my hair, except for church, once a week.

So, I have to ask myself, will I be able to live up to my expectation when or if I have a little girl? Part of my head, says yes. But, reality crowds in and I think she might be lucky if she isn’t wearing blue!


  1. Reality may win...her hair might not get combed and she may rip the bows right out of her hair, but she won't wear blue! Trust me...I'm about as practical as they come, and not super girlie....I saved my sons PJ's thinking they'd be fine for a girl...no way, Gracie has better and more feminine jammies than me (I often sleep in hubbues t shirts...)! Girl clothes are just way to cute, I promise you will put nothing gender neutral or blue on her!

  2. You are hilarious!!! I don't comb Drew's hair and I bought all this gender neutral stuff before Ally - but she didn't wear much of it not cute enough. As for girl hair - you will probably comb it once a day and put it up if it is long and then it won't get combed until bath time.

    By the end of the day both of my kids look like orphans!

  3. Umm, well, I could lie and say that yes you'll be able to keep up with that but if you're like me, you'll never be able to do it! LOL! I have two girls and I can barely make my youngest (9yo) keep her hair brushed. I have to tell her every single morning to do it. Otherwise, she'd never do it. And bows, I won't even go there. She thinks they are like the plague or something...unless she makes the decision to put them in! LOL!


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