Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not the Point

I have been trying to live a greener lifestyle. Trying is the key word. I bought Tide because we used it all summer at my in-laws and the smell oh the smell. I grew up on it and so did Drew and it smells “clean”, that is just what Proctor and Gamble wants to hear, darn them. I know clean doesn’t have a smell, yada, yada.

Anyway, one of the things that I have been doing is taking bags with me to the grocery store and sometimes Target, but I do use those to line our bathroom garbage with so sometimes, I need them because I am too cheap to buy the little garbage bags.

One day, I had to return something to the mall and stuck it in my Trader Joe’s cloth bag and off we went. As I purchased Sage’s jeans and shirts for fall, I said, no thanks to the bag, I brought my own. At GAP, the sales lady said, “Oh, it is store policy to give you a bag, so they know you didn’t steal it.”

Right away, I thought of several holes in her theory. Like, ummmm a receipt. Do I need to go on?

But, it was my last store, the boys were anxious to be leaving the mall, as was I, and I took the bag that she folded around the jeans and stuffed them both in my own bag.

I used the GAP bag to line my bathroom garbage.


  1. As a former Gap employee speaking to another former Gap employee, you know that is the policy. Placing an item(s) in a bag signals a purchase. Otherwise we would have to stop each person leaving the store with mechandise in their hands to check for a receipt.

    You got to love Gap policy!

  2. I wish I was as organized as you to remember to take a bag with me! I love it when they put 2 things in the bag that could have held a lot more. I have enough wal-mart bags to line trash cans AND for Drew's poop.


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