Monday, September 17, 2007

What's In A Name?

My parents named me Kristy Marie. I was named after my Aunt Marie Kristine. They wanted to call me Kristy so they named me Kristy because they always said, “we’ll name them what we are going to call them.” (Never mind that my older brother is named Bradley and he was called Brad, unless he was in trouble)

I always thought Kristy was such a little girl’s name. I thought I forever sounded like I was a six-year old girl with braids. What if I wanted a career? And my name is Kristy. It doesn’t exactly command respect.

Did you know that when you get married, you could change your name to anything you print and then sign? I had thought about it a little bit and didn’t think of it again until the day Drew and I went to get our marriage license.

As we stood there, making the most important decision of our life by obtaining a marriage certificate, I made another decision. I dropped my middle name, Marie, and used my maiden name as my middle name and changed my first name from Kristy to Kristin.

At first it didn’t matter because I lived in the same city and everyone knew me as Kristy so it kind of seemed like a joke, something my brothers made fun of me for, something that didn’t really mean anything.

Then we moved. I could introduce myself as Kristin. Except, I wasn’t Kristin. I tried to become Kristin and there are still people who know me as Kristin, but it always sounds funny to me when they call my name, leave a message or introduce me to someone else.

And, not too long ago, I decided that I should have thought about the spelling more. K R I S T Y. I should have spelled it K R I S T Y N. Then, it makes sense as to why Kristy is spelled with a y.

Five years after changing my name, I kind of regret it. I wish I kept my name as just Kristy or maybe I wish I had spelled it differently. But, I probably would have regretted if I hadn’t changed my name, I wouldn’t have known what it was like to be called Kristin and I wouldn’t have known that it would never feel or sound right.

I don’t regret dropping my middle name and using my maiden name, I love my maiden name. I love it so much, Kolby’s middle name is my maiden name and consequently, that is how we got his nickname, Bo. And he is such a Bo. And such a Kolby.

I love my kid’s names. I hope they don’t want to change them!

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