Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Conversation

The scene: Kolby is laying on the changing table while I change his diaper. Sage is standing next to me.

Sage farts.

Kolby giggles.

Sage: "Farts aren't funny, Bo!"

Me: "Oh, Sage farts are very funny!"


  1. LOL! You gotta love the talks about bodily functions... as long as they don't happen while out in public!!!

  2. HAHA
    Thats to funny.
    I love the name SAGE btw. My mom told me she wanted that as one of my girl name possibilities.

    Taite is BAD about the taking diapers off now... ever since he discovered he could he reaches for the tabs.
    He can even un do them through a onesie now. Pants on he cant because their so thick around the waist.. but a thin shirt he can easily take it off!

    I hope I dont have to sell all mine and get snaps , that be such a pain! but I do love snaps :-)


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