Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Prayer Request

I found this blog through Rocks In My Dryer yesterday. I went back and read the whole thing beginning to end and now can't stop myself from hitting the refresh button every two minutes.

In case you just keep reading without clicking over to their blog, Copeland was born Sept. 18. She was born with trisomy 18. I don't even know exactly what it is, but the outcome is death. Babies with trisomy 18 do not live very long. In this case, they were hoping for a few hours and have been given a week so far. It has been a daily, hourly, minute struggle for Copeland, her mom, dad and big sister.

I have been praying for this family as soon as I started reading the story. The strength and faith of the mamma, who is my age, 28, is incredible. The sermon that I heard on Sunday and now reading through this blog continually reminds me of God's sovereinty. I want to pray for a miracle for baby Copeland. And I don't think it is wrong to pray for that. But, I have to pray for God's will to be done.

It has also made me think about how they are just treasuring every minute they have with Copeland and rightly so. They don't know how many minutes they have with her. It made me think of my two boys and how I don't treasure every minute. I don't treasure every minute because I expect to have hundreds, millions of minutes with them. But, I have no idea how many minutes I have with them. I could have millions or hundreds or only five. I don't know.

It scares me and it is one of my biggest fears, to lose a child or my husband. I don't find comfort in the fact that I know God is sovereign or that He will give me grace to walk through whatever His path for me may be. Everyday, I have to give myself to His will. Everyday, I have to ask/tell Him that I want to walk in His will, whatever that is for my life. And that, is all I can do. I can't worry about tomorrow or the next 10 minutes because I don't know what it will bring but I know Whom I can count on. I know I can count on Him because He has been there for me every step of my life. Protecting me from things I didn't see, He has been faithful. He has proved to me that He will always be faithful.

And now, I am going to read some books with breakfast dishes in the sink, pajamas on, and the wonder of when the window guys will knock on my door.


  1. T18 is what they initially diagnosed Lucy with. What an AMAZING family.

  2. Chunk - I'm in the basement crying all by myself as I catch up on my blog reading. What an incredible family and couple! Kers


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