Friday, September 14, 2007

Third Times a Charm

Today is Drew's birthday. His 27th! Happy birthday, love you!

I wanted to make a dessert. My first choice, cupcakes. After lunch, I mix the ingredients together and fill the tins. I stick them in the oven and set the timer for 10 minutes and start to wash my dishes. About 7 minutes in, it starts to smell like something is burning. But, it can't be the cupcakes, they are supposed to bake for 12 - 15 minutes and it has only been 7. I peer inside the oven looking for whatever is burning on the oven ground.

After 10 minutes, I take the cupcakes out and they are smoking. They are most definitely what was burning. I had the rack on the bottom, that is all I can figure out.

And then I threw away 23 cupcakes.

So, I finish the dishes, get the boys tucked in for their naps and decide chocolate chip cookies are the way to my mans heart. I mix all the ingredients together. While adding the Crisco, I think, weird, it seems to smell funny and the 2 Crisco sticks I used look white and fresh and this jar that I never purchased but it must have been purchased by the people who lived here this summer so how old can it be looks yellowy and odd. I thought it was my garbage that was smelling and surely this won't be a problem. I dump it in, mix everything together, add the chocolate chips and take a big old bite of cookie dough. It tastes like stale nuts.

And then I threw away 4 or 5 dozen cookies worth of dough.

And I am not going to find out if the third time is a charm because I refuse to mess up more yummy desserts that my mouth has already been watering to eat.

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  1. I think that an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen sounds like it might be the safest bet!

    From experience it takes way over a year to get criso nasty and nothing tastes good when old criso is used!


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