Thursday, September 20, 2007

How to Shoplift At Target

1. Take a preschooler and a toddler with you (I take boys)

2. Seat one in the seat and one in the cart

3. Use the underneath part to hold your bags that you brought with you

4. Also use the underneath part to pile your intended purchases

5. Remove items from underneath and place on conveyer belt

6. Pay for items

7. Bag your own items in your own bags (Why is it that no cashier knows how to bag things in bags you bring yourself?)

8. Wheel cart with kids still in it, out to your car

9. Put bags in trunk

10. As you start to lift the preschooler out of the cart, notices items still in the underneath part that weren't paid for

11. Wheel cart and kids back inside store

12. Pay for items you almost shoplifted

13. Don't expect a thank you, it was only $10 worth of stuff


  1. That happened to me once with a bath scrubbie. One of the boys was holding it as we went through the checkout, and I didn't realize it wasn't paid for until I was buckling him into his carseat. When we walked back in, the greeter thought I was returning it. :)

  2. Been there/done that - prayed they didn't recognize us the next time we returned, as I didn't find the stuff until we were home and there was no way I was driving back to Target. And actually - it wasn't Faith - it was the checkers mistake. I had him put some stuff back and he put it all in the cart!


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