Saturday, September 29, 2007

No Cable

We cancelled our cable subscription. It didn't get us too many channels but it assured us the major networks. Now, those channels don't come in, we get fuzz. So, we watch lots of dvds.

Drew has always wanted to cancel our cable and not have a tv. We kept it because I wasn't on board with that for a long time. And then, this summer, I hardly watched tv at all and it was great. So, I mentioned we should cancel cable when we get home. He didn't forget. And cancelled it right away.

I wanted to take it back.

I didn't.

I found a way to cheat.

I watched Grey's Anatomy online today.

I think I will all season.

Maybe Desperate Housewives too.

Yes, mom, I choose to watch trashy tv. And I like it.


  1. Choices are so interesting! Like "Me just peeing in my diaper." Strive to live in light of I Cor 10:23 and 31
    Always your Mom, no matter what:) I love you!


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