Sunday, May 02, 2010

An Update on Kolby

Kolby has recovered well fom his reaction.  We're still giving him Benadryl every 6 hours.  It's been strange setting my alarm clock for 2am to give him medicine!  We'll start weaning him off of it tomorrow, try to go 8 hours between doses. 

I can tell when it is near time for Benadryl, he starts coughing out of the blue. 

Just wanted to let eveyone know he's doing well and we haven't seen anymore reactions.  I'll make the appointment with the allergist on Monday.  I'm quite curious since 4 out of the 5 were boosters. 


  1. oh haven't had this, but Tana broke out into hives so bad that her eyes would barely open by the time I got to the sitters house and ears so swollen that they couldn't get the thermometer in. To the dr. for 2 hours of observations and lots of medicines to get rid of it. Her breathing was never compromised, but we are headed to the allergist - they think it is the penicillin - 10th day on it and like the 9th time she took it. There is no allergy test for us to know for sure - we will just stay away from it.

  2. Do they think it might have been a reaction to one of the shots? Praying for sweet Kolby and that he gets to feeling 100% better soon!! Praying for you too girl and for the allergist to be able to get you in soon!


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