Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 Years

8 years ago, I gave away my heart, fully.

He has even more of it now.

He has handled it with care, most everyday since.

He is my best friend.

The one that I tell everything.

The one that I laugh with and sometimes, at.

The one who makes me laugh.

The one I admire more and more as each day passes.

The one who surprises me continually.

The one who's opinion matters most from what purse I carry to how I style my hair.

The one forever.


  1. so so sweet. i love the way you love each other.

  2. beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congratulations! We're only one week apart!

  4. Happy anniversary! You guys make a great couple!

  5. Happy belated Anniversary. You guys are such an inspiration to us with your marriage.

    PS - This post made me cry. Like a baby. Ha.


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