Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Drew, if you were here...

these are the mundane things I would tell you.

-  Yesterday, we went swimming at a friends parents house.  They have a hot tub, that wasn't turned on, that the boys loved to play in.  Levi loved to sit on the side and kick his legs and splash.  He even stood on the seat and was so brave. 

I was sitting by the table and Levi toddled over and sat down on the side and started kicking his legs.  I thought to myself, "I shouldn't be this far away from him."  And I got up to walk over and sit beside him. 

And he looked back at me.  And I could see his little butt moving closer to the edge as he kicked his legs and he turned his body and then he fell in.  I yelled "Oh, Lord, help me.  Oh God!"  In my mind, I could see myself falling.  I could see myself not getting to him fast enough.  And my body, my legs, they moved so slowly.  I couldn't get there fast enough.  He was face down but he put his arm out of the water and twisted his body, like he was trying to flip to his back.  His eyes were wide open.  His look was terrified.  I grabbed his arm and pulled him to safety. 

My arms.

I hugged him tight.  He wimpered.  Then my friend and I told him how brave he was! 

And we didn't leave until he got back in and he wasn't afraid of the water.  If I get over it, and stop hovering over him that will be the best or maybe it wouldn't.  I should have hovered more.

-  I got two cute onesies for Annika today from Wal-Mart.  One is pink and one is purple.  They were only $3! 

-  Kolby is supposed to be resting but he went into Levi's room who was supposed to be napping.  So, now it's quarter to four and Levi hasn't napped.  I guess I'm glad that I'm going to girls night tonight! 

- Today I went to HEB, 2 Targets and Wal-Mart.  I got Kolby some new goggles, size 6 - 14.  They fit him much better than the old ones.  Hence the 2 Targets trying to find the right goggles.   

-  I'm tired.

-  Things are running pretty smoothly, it really helps that I don't cook dinner.  I don't get all worn out and impatient before bedtime. 

-  I saw the same lady last night at McDonalds and today at Chick-Fil-A.  I was kind of embarrassed.  She totally lit up and said "Hi".

-  I signed the boys up for swimming lessons. 

-  I miss you and love you tons. 

-  You are definitely the one person that I talk to most in this world.  I miss not talking to you and laughing with you. 

-  And since you were gone, I started watching The Bachelorette and I'm totally DVRing it.  Maybe it would have been better if you stayed home. 

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  1. the bachelorette is already on?? where have i been? nathan is going to be so excited about monday nights now!


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