Friday, April 30, 2010

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

My mom always used to say that.  I didn't really understand it.  I think it's a mom thing.

Levi started the week with a fever.  And got better over night.

Kolby came down with a fever on Tuesday night and it was gone by Wednessday night.

I took Kolby to the doctor today for his four year well child visit.  I took all 3 of the boys, actually.  I've done it many times.  They are pretty well behaved while we're there.  Today was no different.

Kolby had to get 5. F. I. V. E. shots.  We've talked all week about being brave and not fighting the nurse.  He did great.  He didn't kick her or fight her at all. 

We put all our books back on the shelf.  Got a copy of his immunization record for the preschool.  Picked out a small toy.  Received a special book for getting so many shots. 

And we're on our way.

I had promised a special lunch during the shots.  Anything to get his mind off that nurse sticking another needle in his leg. 

He refused the lunch.  Sage encouraged him to reconsider.  A different restaurant maybe?

He started coughing.  He "throws up" but it's all mucous.  In general, he just wasn't being himself. 

I pressed on, offerring ice-cream.  McDonalds?  Chick-fil-A?

Anything to make him happy.

Strapped everyone in the car.

He kept refusing a special lunch.  Saying he wanted to go home and go to sleep.  At 11am.

His face was red, but he'd been coughinig and coughing.

He took his sandals off and cried that his feet hurt.

Then I saw some white splotches or dots. 

I called the doctor's office.  I hung up.

I called Drew and willed him to answer.  He told me to call the doctor back right away.

I turned the van around and headed back to the doctor as I called. 

I started to get panicky.  My emotions were thick in my voice as I explained his symptoms.

"Red face, coughing, lots of coughing, white dots on his face, he's saying his feet hurt and itch."

"How close are you to the office?"

"I'm already heading back that way."

Thankfully, I had the double stroller in the van from the race on Saturday.  Kolby was in no mood to walk and I felt hurried. 

I wheeled us in the doctor's office and one of the nurses, said "our last name?  Come on back."

We were seen right away by Dr. Thaller (the greatest doctor ever). 

His breathing was better, not coughing anymore.  And he sounded good to Dr. Thaller.  

Benadryl was brought in and drank. 

Dr. Thaller ordered a shot of something.

The nurse, sweet Kim, came to give it to him.  I broke the bad news that he would have to get another shot.

Immediate cries.  "No more shots.  No more shots." 

I had already told him the first ones were to keep him healthy.  How do I explain he needs another one to get him better from the ones that were supposed to help in the first place?  I felt terrible. 

We both cried as he got the shot.  I prayed.  I needed that prayer the most.

We read every book in the room for about 30 minutes while Dr. Thaller intermittently came back in to listen to his breathing. 

Levi ate two boxes of raisins.

Finally, we were cleared to leave.  He has to take Benadryl every 6 hours since whatever he's allergic to is still in his body.  No messing around, Dr. Thaller said, if there is shortness of breath, more hives, go right to the nearest ER. 

And we'll be scheduling a visit to the allergist. 

It's been a day.  And it's only 2pm. 

And we're still on alert. 

That sounds more serious than I intend.  He looks so much better, I can see faint traces of the hives.  I'm just a little nervous to not let that Benadryl wear off.

I can't express how fearful I was.  I didn't even think to pray as I turned the van back around.  Not even a help me Jesus. 

We've had emergencies before, trips to the ER for vairous places on heads that were bleeding.  But, I knew those were fixable and manageable and the bleeding would stop and I could see the situation getting under control.

I didn't know what was happening.  He was so irritable.  And crying.  And scratching at his feet.  And he didn't have the words to express what his body was feeling.  I felt helpless driving my van.  I couldn't comfort him, hug him, touch him.  Try to figure out what was wrong. 

It could have been so much worse.  It was just hives. 

I am so thankful.  And this time, I did remember to tell Him.

I also need to remember to trust my gut.  Don't hang up on the doctor.  Do what you think is right for your kids, right away. 


  1. So happy everything turned out okay. We will continue to lift him up today. May God continue to protect.

  2. Oh my goodness! That's really scary! I'm glad he's doing better and will be praying for him today.

  3. Oh my goodness, Kristy! That is so scary. I am so glad that you turned around and got everything taken care of. Definitely something to be thankful for.

  4. I am so sorry. I hope he is feeling better. Poor guy!

  5. Oh gosh how scary! Glad he is doing better.

  6. Wow, poor little guy. I just don't understand why they give him 5 shots at one time. How are they supposed to figure out what he's allergic too when they do that? I'm so glad he's ok. But do keep a close eye on him b/c that in his system and could bring about another flare. That's my experience.

  7. What a day! I am thanking God for the protection of Kolby and for your sensitivity despite Kolby's lack of words to tell you how he was feeling... I hope you are all having a fun family night now!

    Love and prayers,

  8. Wow! This made me panicky just reading it! How frightening. Sounds like you handeled it well. BTW, I would have cried, too, when Kolby got his 6th shot. Poor boy! Thank God you are all okay.

  9. Yikes! I am so glad you listened to Kolby and your instincts. Happy he's doing okay.

    I hope there is a way to determine what made him react so violently. Allergic reactions are scary. We are a 3 Epipen family.

  10. Moms just know when something's not right...a wonderful God-given instinct! Glad he's doing ok and thankful for modern medicine!

  11. whoa, so sorry! and so thankful everyone's okay. anyone who turns down chick-fil-a is definitely not feeling well. poor thing.

  12. Oh gosh, I was like, oh, that is my worst fear!!! I will for all eternity, I mean, seriously, maribel will be in college, and I will still be caring around benedryl in my purse. I am feeling for you right now, you did the right thing taking him in! I agree, watch him, they can have delayed reactions. And, I am betting the allergist will do a skin test with all the shots, to see which one he reacted to. I am saying a little prayer for you guys!

  13. Girl, I would have been scared too! You were smart to go right back to the doctor. Praying for you guys and little Kolby!


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