Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's A Rainy, Great Day!

Today, as I type, Drew is out with Kolby, a special lunch at Chick-Fil-A. 

And the most exciting part for Kolby?  More than a year in the making. 

A trip to Bass Pro Shop for a fishing pole! 

Seems mundane but to the 3 year old who watched his 4 year old brother open one for his birthday last year and wanted so badly to have his own, especially the small tackle box of gear, it will be (hopefully) priceless.

What is the occasion that he is getting a new fishing pole?

Because, finally, after 14 months since we began, we are declaring, officially, Kolby is potty trained!  He does number one and two, all by himself, no prompting required! 

Yes, we are ecstatic.  And I bet you all want to know my potty training secrets!  (grin)

You'll remember potty training Kolby was a battle.  A battle of wills, if I'm honest.  I wanted him potty trained so badly.  I knew he could go by himself, I'd seen him do it.  I was determined.  Do not give in, I am mommy, hear me roar. 

Unfortunately, he heard me roar a lot.  Being completely truthful, I would get so angry when he would not do his business where he should.  And I let him know it.  After I wrote the above post, I thought I was ready to throw in the towell.  But, I still fought him on it. 

I came to the point one day, where I was done.  I told Drew that Kolby would be back in pull ups indefinitely until he showed me he could do it all, everything, by himself.  And when he did his business in his pull up, I wasn't going to get angry.  I was going to be calm and have a no big deal attitude.  Did I mention I prayed about getting that attitude?  Because wiping a 3 year old bottom is, to say it as kindly as possible, disgusting, with a capital D.  Part of me was nervous that number one would backslide, but it didn't.  I don't know why.

I had put him back in pull ups but as soon as he would do it once on the potty, I would put him back in underwear.  It was a horrible cycle that we just weren't breaking. 

After I gave up, he tested us a couple of times and when we were all like, bummer dude, let's change your diaper, he was like cool. 

Then, he started doing it.  Going into the bathroom and then yelling, I poo on potty!  And we would yell and clap and cheer and give him candy.  Not one m&m either, the kid got a big piece of candy.  We wanted him to know it was a really big deal. 

And now, he just does it.  He goes, yells to be wiped and that's it.  No more candy.


  1. Girl! This is a huge thing! Way to go, Kolby!

  2. that's awesome! good job Kolby!

  3. Way to go Kolby!!! That's awesome, I know you are so proud of him!!

  4. YEAH for Kolby!!! I am so proud of him. And yeah for all of you!! Hope he enjoys his fishing pole!

  5. YAY KOLBY!!!

    Chris, Caroline, Drew, and Kolby need to go fishing now. C would go everyday if we let her!


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