Monday, May 17, 2010

Discovering the Enemy

Kolby and I headed to the allergist this morning.

He got pricked and pricked and pricked and pricked and pricked and pricked a couple more times for good measure.

And I promised a doughnut.

The outcome? Allergies to gelatin and dust mites.

Gelatin was in 3 of the 5 vaccinations he received that day.

Gelatin is also in marshmallows, gummi candy, and of course, jello. We are to eliminate those from his diet. That won't be that big of a deal except I gave my kids gummi vitamins. I guess Kolby will get Flintstones. Luckily, I've slacked off on doling those out for the last couple of months. And I'm bummed about the marshmallows, how's a kids supposed to enjoy a campfire? No s'smores? And no Rice Krispie Treats? Major bummer to me.

The dust mites are mostly a problem in his bedroom. We'll be getting an encasement for his mattress and his pillow. And probably buying a special comforter. His sheets have to be washed on hot every two weeks. Oh and those special stuffed animals that he sleeps with? Either wash them on hot every 2 weeks or get rid of them entirely. I'm thinking about giving him two week rotations of favorites. He usually has about 10 surrounding him every night. Plus 3 special blankies.

We're considering getting a new vacuum.

And a professional duster. You know, the one who comes to your house once a week to dust? Just kidding. Kind of. Drew didn't mention that, but I thought it.

We already have blinds in his room, not curtains but of course those blinds should be dusted more than once a year which is more my schedule.

And now I see dust mite potential everywhere I look. Those blankets that hardly ever get washed that they play with all the time. My 4 throw rugs downstairs. And of course, our carpet. Which we've always thought was disgusting, but hey it came with the house!

Here's to trying to control something uncontrollable and not going off the deep end while doing it!

*This just in: Skittles and Starburst are out too. Am I over reacting?


  1. Starburst? Rice krispy treats? Poor guy!

  2. I'm so glad they figured out what it was from Kolby's crazy reaction-- scary! I'm sure you are processing a lot as you think through what this means for Kolby and candy and your vacuuming schedule :) and all that, but I am so glad to hear that they found out what it was and that it is something that isn't really in everything. (Well, the glycerin at least. Dust mites are pretty ubiquitous, I guess.)

  3. Wow, being allergic to gelatin takes out a lot of really fun foods!

  4. Oh, now your tweet makes more sense. No smores! The horror.

  5. so glad y'all now know but sad for the results too!
    i'm already brainstorming what he can roast next new year's in the chimmanea instead of marshmallows!
    l-o-v-e-d seeing you yesterday sweet friend!

  6. that's a bummer. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. it's super cute...and just thought you should know my nickname is kiki!

  7. forgot to tell you where i get her bows...lots of different places. i've ordered some on etsy from hairbow depot and the princess and me. i also get some from kids boutiques. i am definitely a fan of the bows though!

  8. Hey girl, it was so good to see your for a brief instance Sunday morning. You are looking great! Sorry to hear about kolby's allergies, bless his heart!! Hope you are doing well!!

  9. It's great they figured out what triggered his allergic reaction. It's too bad it's something found in the world's yummiest things. Boo!

  10. I am so sad about the gelatin!! I am glad you know! My dust mite allergy got better with age! Praying the same for Kolby!!


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