Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Is It?

Why is it when I do a really fun activity with the boys, we can't make the fun last through lunch? 

And, why is it that it isn't entirely their fault, but sometimes mine as well?

Like today.  Sage started tennis again.  Our neighbor is teaching him.  (For free!)  And he's the number one player in Texas.  For his age group.  Which might be 80 -85. 

That's not what I was writing about.

So, Levi, Kolby and I headed on a "walk" around the neighborhood.  I had the camara. 

We camped out by our neighborhood pond.  We watched the turtles and ducks.  We blew bubbles.  Levi picked up duck poop.  I got to take a lot of pictures.  And wished I had read the book about how to take better pictures. 

It was lovely.

We walk to get Sage.  We play with some tennis balls.  We walk back towards our place with Coach.  Sage blows bubbles while we walk, it was lovely.

We get home.  Sage asks to blow bubbles on the deck.  I agree.  He and Kolby hed out, I wash the duck poop off Levi's hands officially.  (I poured bubbles on his hand when we were outside and then wiped it off with a leaf.  And hoped he didn't stick his hand in his mouth.  I'm pretty sure he didn't.  Mostly sure.)

Sage and Kolby are on the deck, the door is open, the breeze is breezy, it's lovely.

And then, Sage blows bubbles directly onto Kolby's neck.

Kolby screams. 

Sage does it again.

I yell.

Kolby cries more.

I yell some more. 

And make them all come inside and sit in their chairs while I make lunch. 

I could have handled it better.  Sage could have handled it better.  In the end, we all lose.  Bubble fun is over.  And my lovely morning came to a screeching halt. 

Here's praying nap time does us all some good! 


  1. There have been a lot of days when I wished that I had handle things differently. I am glad to know it happens to other people too. Praying for a fresh new afternoon!

  2. Reading that post was really nice. I did my fair share of yelling today, and then I thought, "Does anyone else yell at their kids, or am I the only one?" even though I know I am not the only one. It is nice to hear I am not the only one.


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