Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Suspense

We all went to the Big Appointment today.

The first plan was for me, Drew and Kolby to go (he would be out of preschool and the other two would be at Mothers Day Out). Then, a meeting got scheduled for Drew, so we changed the plans, everyone would come and we'd go out to lunch for the Big Reveal.

But, the appointment ran late, Drew had to get back to work for a different meeting. So, we're back to the first plan. Dinner tonight as a family at Papasitos.

The great news is that the baby looks great. Everything looks as perfect as it can look at the 19 week ultra sound.

That news isn't lost on me. As excited as I am to find out if we're having a girl or boy, I am so ecstatic to find out that the feet look beautiful and there is nothing to raise a flag. Everything measured on time, and looks normal.

The baby was curled up and she was having a hard time getting measurements. She even had me drink some water and finally she was able to get the measurements.

At the end, I didn't think she got a peek between the legs. I thought our decision had been made for us, it was just going to be a big surprise. But, she saw at some point, somewhere, something. And she knew. She is the one person who knows what we're having. Drew is carrying the envelope, he didn't trust me. I returned the trust when I wrote on the sealed flap Do Not Open.

Right now, I'm praising Jesus for a happy, healthy ultra sound. And that I was so excited going into it, no fear.

Oh, and Kolby asked me if my baby was yucky inside my tummy.


  1. wow! so what's in the envelope??? jk :)

  2. Hurray! Congratulations on a healthy "it." I can hardly wait to find out if Lulu has a bff or a 4th suitor to choose from.

  3. (~imagine girly squeal and clapping from me~)

    I cannot wait to hear the big news! It will be an exciting night, for sure.

  4. Wow! great to know that you have a healthy baby! I have been praying for you and Drew today. I hope your dinner tonight is special! What a great way to share it with your family!God is so good. And ya'll are an amazing family! Love-Stace

  5. You are killing me with the suspense! Praise for a healthy baby!!

  6. Dang it Kristy. I can't handle thissssssss!

  7. PRAISE the LORD for a healthy baby! Can't wait to hear if we are buying pink or blue!



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