Friday, March 19, 2010

Kolby, You're 4!


You turned 4 more than a week ago. We had such a fun time celebrating you!

We threw a party for you, your first! Chuck E. Cheese. It was a great success. Your dad and I were celebrating more than your birth, Bo. We were celebrating a big year for you! Last summer, you outgrew the bar and shoes that you have worn since you were 6 months old for your clubfeet. We had always talked about what a big deal it would be when you didn't have to wear them at night anymore. And then, it just came. You were done. No leading up to it, no countdown, the doctor just said discontinue, we don't need to order the next size.

Your birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was anti-climatic since no one there knew you when you were born. But we knew. We know what we've been through with you. And in a way, it was fitting. Since you were born with the clubfeet and we didn't know about it until your birth, we have just rolled with the punches. From the beginning, we just did what we had to do in order to correct your feet. And that is how treatment ended, just rolling with the punches.

At 4, you write your name, Bo. You recognize Bo and Kolby when written as your name. You randomly point those letters out when you see them and declare whatever word it is to be your name. You recognize most colors. You play with cars a lot, laying on your side. You draw smiley faces. You love to play with both your brothers.

Your dad and I were talking last night about how you can pronounce so many sounds now. But, you still struggle to use them on your own. You talk so much! We know 80% of the time what you're saying. Your favorite thing to say right as Drew is walking out of your room at night time is, "Dew, me tell you somefing. Um, Shage my broder?" The other night, Drew answered before you could ask and totally stumped you. It was funny.

You still call your dad, Drew. We have gotten used to it and Drew has even stopped correcting you.

You sing! Jesus Loves Me. Jingle Bells. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. You don't get all the words or the right tune but we recognize what your singing. You sing along to some of the kids cd's we have in the car too.

You are a sweet boy. So many parents of kids in your Sunday School class tell me how much their little boy or girl talks about you at home. I look forward to the day you tell me about your friends!

I love you so much.



Since this is longer than I intended, I'm going to post pictures from your birthday and party on a different day.


  1. Happy birthday, sweet boy! It is so good to hear about all the strides he is making.

  2. Looking forward to the pictures - how I miss you all! Give each other hugs from Grandma.

  3. I loved this post. Kristy, you are such a great, mom. Kolby is a sweet boy and so blessed to have such dedicated, loving, godly parents!


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