Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break

Kolby has spring break this week so I decided to keep Sage home from Mothers Day Out. I mentioned that it was spring break and I would plan some play dates.

On Sunday, Sage said "Mom, I'm so excited for all our play dates this week!"

I started texting and emailing my friends to see what I could set up.

So, Monday and Tuesday were groceries and house cleaning days.

Yesterday, we met a new family at church with 4 boys(!) at Chuck E. Cheese. Between the 7 boys, we finished off the 150 tokens we had leftover from Kolby's part on Sunday. (Post coming soonish on that party, I know your lives won't be complete without it!) I took our boys to Burger King for lunch. I put a tired Levi down for a nap and Kolby claimed to be tired. During his nap time, he pooped in his pull up and pulled out all the toys from 2 big storage things.

After naps, we went to Target. It was one of those days that mom wanted to look but the boys were wild. And mom was at the end of the patience pot.

Drew took Sage out for a special night. Sage chose McDonalds.

And now it's Thursday. We're going to the park today and having a picnic lunch.

And tomorrow. I have no ideas.

I'm going to have to get more creative before summer.


  1. Gabe came home from school at the end of last week and said "it's spring break now, my teacher said you go on a trip...where we goin?" I might have to talk to his teacher about that one:) I don't have too many ideas for you we have been potty training Ty this week so not many fun spring break activities from us this week. On a totally unrelated note I just saw an ad last night for a new airline flying direct from Des Moines to Houston, Branson and Dallas for fares as low as 39$ per flight:)

  2. this post was funny to me. and so real. love it!


  3. We went to the Museum of Nat Science yesterday and it was surprisingly not bad at all.


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