Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A List of Thoughts

  1. Kolby's birthday was a success. He woke up to presents and pancakes. He requested pizza and pancakes for his birthday dinner. I took the liberty of serving the Swedish pancakes for breakfast. He wanted the pizza ordered. He got a mini trampoline which now sits in our living room. Kind of tacky.
  2. Sage has been sick since Saturday night. Drew and I went on a date and our friends watched the boys. When we picked them up, they said Sage was acting sluggish. He had said he had a headache right when we got there and when we picked him up, he had a fever and was coughing. I'm hopeful that his fever broke tonight. He took a 3.5 hour nap today! And he seems back to more normal tonight, playing and such. (It didn't, still 99.2 - The high has been 102)
  3. I'm going a little stir crazy. I've driven Kolby to speech class and went to the grocery store Monday night and Target on Tuesday morning (with the sickie) because we really needed more cough medicene for him.
  4. I'm planning on getting out on Saturday. But that is still two whole days away!
  5. Sage missed singing in big church on Sunday with his choir.
  6. We are trying to get our house ready to host Bunco in April. I think it will get done.
  7. A picture fell in our downstairs powder room tonight and shattered. It caused me to think about redecorating. This is the powder room that I painted the palest shade of pink. It also has the black sink and toilet. I'm not going to do anything drastic, just hang some different stuff. That I need to find. I'm thinking Paris as my inspiration.
  8. We have our big ultrasound in a couple weeks. I'm equal parts nervous and excited.
  9. I'm nervous thinking about the curveballs that could get thrown our way. I keep trusting God and giving it to Him.
  10. I have nothing left to say, I just couldn't leave number 10 blank.


  1. Oh no! I love the pale pink powder room! And I noticed Sage was absent on Sunday morning, I knew he was supposed to be there because he walked back and forth and back and forth, waving and being silly during practice on Wednesday night! And I'm just dying picturing the boys on a mini trampoline. Awesome.

  2. Just popping over to say Hola.

    And I just heard a giant thud from upstairs that must have been the body of one of my children falling out of bed. Ouch.

  3. people without small children might think it's weird that you're already planning on getting out on saturday- like you have to think so far in advance... but i totally understant :)

  4. Praying for the ultrasound!!

  5. I totally have some Paris stuff that I have no place for in our new house. I would love to pass it along to a good home if you're interested! Let me know and I can send pictures. You could get it next time you're in town, or I could ship it! I have a black framed sign that says "PARIS," as well as a black plate rack with 4 black & white plates with pictures of Paris hotels.

  6. Austin was wondering where Sage as on Sunday! Poor Sage. :( So...what will you do with those gorgeous church pictures that are in your bathroom now??


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