Monday, March 29, 2010

More on the Name

Annika Karoline

Anika Karoline

Both pronounced AH nee kah

Origin meaning: Hebrew or Latin- grace; favour

Do you like one n or two better?

Anyway, I digress.

Drew and I have loved this name for years, before we were married actually.

He was working at a camp for a summer and I went to visit him. We had been dating all of 3 or 4 months. We had known each other for all of 6. Anyway.

One of the ladies on permanent staff, had an adorable 6 month old, blonde (well, bald), blue eyed, chubby cheeked baby girl, named Annika. She was so cute and adorable. We declared that the prettiest girl name we had ever heard and if we were ever to have a baby girl, she would be named Annika.

We went back to that same camp last summer, her mom still works there and Annika happened to help with the babies in the nursery. (Levi) She was now 10. Still blonde, blue eyed and beautiful. She was so sweet and kind. We decided she did not ruin the name 9 years later and possibly made it a little better.

Sage would have been Annika. Kolby would have been Annika. Levi would have been Annika.

In fact, while carrying Levi, we decided on Annika Karoline. I had alway said Annika Louise. Which I still love and Drew kind of, maybe didn't love it. The middle name is after the same person, Karoline, Loopty or Lions. She's been my best friend since third grade. Her middle name is Louise, the same as her two older sisters. Often, you will hear her dad call me Kristy Lou, because I was like the fourth daughter. Always there. Her whole family holds such a special place in my heart. I loved every minute that I spent at her house.

I wanted my daughter to be a little Ani Lou. Just like the grand daughters. But, Drew didn't love it. So, we agreed on Annika Karoline. And now, I love it.

Although, after writing this, I've almost convinced myself to change it!

Whoa, Drew just said I own the middle name. Now, I have some serious thinking to do! Lions, any thoughts?! Suddenly, I feel nervous.


  1. I love it. It's such a great name and so "you." And for what it's worth, I love the two n's.

  2. Well, I think, since you will already be calling her Ani Lou, maybe that should be her name? It also flows better with your last name.

    On the other hand, what a tribute to Karoline to have her first name be Ani's middle name, but the Louise would be a tribute as well, and her little girl and your little girl would have the same middle name. Kinda cool. So Annika Louise is my vote. It flows better with your last name - isn't Annika the traditional spelling? My fear would be that people would say Uh-NEEK-a if you used the second spelling. Maybe that's just me.

    I may be a bit partial to the "Lou"...we call Lucy "PipsyLou"...that's her nickname...I just think Lu/Lou is so SO cute on a little girl.

    I've been thinking, ever since I found out you were having her, that you will ADORE having a girl. I mean, sometimes I feel like having a girl is kind of wasted on me, because you know, I am NOT girly...and could have cared less whether or not I got a girl...I always wanted boys.

    That being said...OH MY GOSH...she is attracted to lip gloss and pink and flowers and everything I love, is SO much fun, Kiki! And now that I know you're having a girl I can say, unequivically, that you will LOVE having a girl! I can already see her in lime green and brown and crocheted hats with cute flowers on them, etc., etc.

    Having 3 big brothers was SO much fun. I just loved it. LOVED it. There was someone always teasing me but always looking out for me, know, I never wanted a sister?! Weird, huh?

    p.s. you are BRAVE to ask for opinions!

    p.p.s. I LOVE the name Annika...

  3. p.s. Lucy's middle name is Allison...the whole name doesn't flow terribly well, but we LOVED Lucy and we wanted to pay tribute to her awesome aunt...and Allison's middle name is Ann, and I thought Lucy Ann was, loving the name won out over the "flow factor".

    You know I love names.

  4. OK, so I've been saying the names in my head, and I don't think Annika Karoline flows any differently than Annika Louise...I also like the name symmetry...the "Ka" at the end of Annika and the "Ka" at the beginning of karoline. It looks really pretty together.

    So really, I don't know.

  5. It has to be Ani Lou. It has such a ring to it and with history behind it like you mentioned it's perfect. Just my humble opinion though.

  6. love them both, Ani Lou or Ani Karoline. After hearing your story behind Ani Lou, I love that! but I still love the name, Karoline, in general. Can't go wrong with either. And since you were asking, I like the 2 "n's" in Annika. So fun to get to name a girl now that you have names 3 boys!

  7. My thought:

    Either is beautiful and I would honored for you to use either one.

    I think Karoline is the prettier name (in my humble opinion, I have always loved my name), but Louise has tradition behind it. My grandma, mom, both sisters, all three granddaughters and I (and you, Kristy Lou) all have Louise as a middle name.

    Your choice...tradition or cool name?

  8. I love the name you've chosen - will probably call her Precious anyway...I like the nn like I like the ff and I like the ka-Ka...I will adjust to a name change but please let the ultrasound be 100% accurate so that whatever is the final name, it is the right one!!

    Love as always,

  9. So I guess "Bradlianna" won't be considered then?

  10. It's so beautiful! I love Annika Louise. One of my best friends from college has the middle name Louise and I always loved it! Karoline is pretty too, of course.
    You know she's going to be a beautiful and sweet blonde and blue-eyed girl!

  11. Oh...and definitely Annika with two n's.

  12. My two cents--I like Annika with two n's, and I think either middle name would be lovely. :) I have been called Mindy Lou by more people than I care to count--so it may happen anyway no matter what you name her. :) And Grandma's middle name is Lou. I've been looking forward to my niece Annika for a long time!

  13. You own it, Kristty!

    But...since you asked for input, for what it's worth, I like Annika Louise.

    I'm picturing her graduation invitations and her wedding invitation, and it's just a beautiful name. Ok, ok, we don't want her growing up too fast, let's start with the birth announcement and first birthday party invitation first!

    However, I'm loving Annika Karoline equally as much, so I am officially no help.

    I do like two n's in Annika.
    I like Karoline with a K, to bring out the K in Annika.
    My parents spelled my middle name with a K to be different - Kathryn, so maybe I'm partial to the initials A and K! I get called AK or Annie Kate, or as I use on here AKat, all the time!

    For AnniLou would it be "onny" or "annie" sounding? Both are precious, just curious!

  14. (Two t's in Kristy would be nice, too, ha! Sorry about that.)

    One more thing, whatever you decide is going to be perfect! And what a special little girl Miss Anika/Annika is going to be!

  15. I love her name and I love the meaning behind it. It's no small thing to find a name you adore. When it's bursting with happy associations and it honors a very special person, it's a keeper. I like the middle name Lou, too, but Karoline is really great too.

  16. Kristy,
    First of all congratulations on the baby girl. They are such a blessing and you are going to love it!
    Now on to the name. I love the name Karoline and always have, but I love the sound of Annika Louise. Also I love the meaning of using the middle name of the family of which you were always a part. I think it will mean a lot to little Annika because you know she will always be an honorary member of the Criddle clan.
    Just my opinon, but either name is beautiful.

  17. I love Annika Karoline, but I am a bit bias :)

  18. I like 2 Ns, personally...

    Otherwise, people might pronounce it A-"neek"-a

    Pretty name! Can't wait for her to be here!!

  19. so i am a serious studier of names which is why it's taken me a few days to decide on my comment input. here's the thing... i really love all the options! so the good news is i'll love her and her name no matter what you decide:)
    if i really had to decide on one my vote is for annika louise. it will look awfully cute on bloomers:)


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