Friday, March 12, 2010

I bet there's an app for that!

As I said on Wednesday, Sage was sick a lot this week. Thursday morning, I called his fever over at 98.9.

Today, I was thinking back through his fever (Saturday night - Wednesday night) and wished I had kept a log of what his temperature was when I took it.

Then, I thought, I bet there's an app for that!

Drew, is that my one millionth reason for needing an iphone?

I bet that if I had an iphone, I could scan it over his forehead and it would read his temperature and then record it for me, it would also recognize which child's forehead I was scanning.

I don't think that's too much to ask from a phone. Do you?


  1. Is there a petition?

    I'll sign it.

    That will be strike two against me with Drew. :)

  2. I could instantly name a trizillion bazillion reasons I 'NEED' and iPhone. I'm just waiting patiently until they open it up to other carriers and I'm gettin' one. Like immediately.

  3. You could always use a notepad and pencil...

  4. ha! this is great! ;) i'm still marveling over the "Find my car" app on Scott's phone...

  5. That's a brilliant idea.

    The apps totally suck you in, trust me. One recent night, I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking it would be easier if rain were falling on the roof---always lulling. At 3am, I searched for a free rain-sounds app, downloaded it, and drifted off to sleep to the sound of rain falling on forest foliage.

    If you want an app, there is an app. It's like a genie in a bottle.

  6. Yes, the iPhone has some cool apps, but Lord knows I wouldn't be able to figure them out. I am just not gifted in the technology department. let's get together soon, like for lunch or something? Do you have plans this week?

  7. Great idea! I'm surprised I didn't think of this considering how sick my son has been the last few months. So I searched for an app like this in the app store and saw at least one that might do, but it wasn't geared to kids. I actually want to try my hand at app development someday soon, so I'll keep this in mind as a possible project!


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