Monday, December 21, 2009

Shortest Day of the Year

Grocery Store. With all 3 boys.

I always get sympathy looks.

I was super mom and let them get the dreaded balloon.

At the end of the shopping trip.

They were really good.

Kolby requested egg nog.

He got it.

Later, the doctor.


The cold that won't go away.

Probably turned into an ear infection.

Or two.

Then ziti for dinner.

With Caesar salad.

Planning to wrap presents after the kids are in bed.


  1. wow, grocery store AND doctor's office? in one day? not even counting the balloon, you definitely get supermom award. i felt like a shmuck letting the fareway boy carry out my ONE bag of groceries to the car for me today, b/c it takes both of my hands to steer my monster double stroller through the snow, and it didn't fit in the bottom. :P

  2. Kolby's cold...if you're willing to try this I have an awesome garlic rub that will kick it in a 2 days. Garlic is amazing for any sicknesses, especially colds. YOu'll love it and use it very often. let me know.

  3. I took Annabeth to the doctor today, too. She had that first cold for a week and right about the time it should have been going away, she got another one. Awesome! I had her little ears checked but of course when I got to the doc she was 100% fine, smiling, and happy. I'm sorry Kolby is still dealing with his.


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