Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas requires Singing!

Kolby was in his first program. He didn't love it. But, he didn't cry!
(middle, in the plaid shirt with the grimace on his face)

He got so bored, he laid down. I guess sitting on the stage is hard word.

He's supposed to be ringing those bells. He had entertained himself by taking them off.

Back to laying down, but at least he's ringing those bells! With little enthusiasm.

Sage requested to skip Mothers Day Out so that he could see Bo's program. I thought that was sweet.

Sage sang at all 3 services one Sunday.
(top row, far right)

This is the chorus of Here I Am to Worship. They sang Away in a Manger too.

He said he had a lot of fun! We were proud that he sang all the words this year and didn't look at the jumbo screen at all. It's the little things. Next year, we'll work on smiling!


  1. Kolby's pictures made me laugh out loud- TOO cute!

    Sage looks SO handsome, even if he wasn't smiling ;)

  2. Sage looks so grown up and Kolby is precious as ever - maybe they will sing for me when I come in January. I remember Sage "leading me in worship" with his little guitar and the Cornerstone DVD....

    Thanks for these posts! They make my day!

    Missing you all,

  3. Oh, I am laughing. I especially like the 4th picture, where Kolby looks like he is debating life's meaning.

    I had a non-singer once, Sam. He stood in the front row, refused to sing, and almost halfway through with the little program proceeded to lift his shirt and scratch his tummy like he had fleas.

  4. sage looks like a little drew in his little tie. too cute!

  5. I'm cracking up at gretchen's flea comment. Did you want our address? I vaguely remember that question... It's 5211 Cunningham Dr. Pearland 77581 I love the pictures!

  6. I love Kolby's expressions! Too funny!

  7. LOL to Kolby lying down on the stage & not ringing the bell. Ha! I am just happy he is in choir...even though he doesn't appear to be too ecstatic about it...yet. :)


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