Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peek Into My Home~Christmas Style

I love having a mantle to decorate and hang stockings. Next year, we will have matching, monogrammed stockings. (I've said that almost every year now, but next year it will be true.)

Do you like our Charlie Brown tree? We've had it ever since we got married. 7 years. It just fits us. Maybe someday, we'll have a bigger, better tree. And that can be our second tree for all the homemade ornaments that currently adorn it.

In my mind, my house and Christmas decorations are a lot cuter that what is really pictured.

This is the only nativity we own. A gift from my mom. Before we had kids. This is how I found it when I went to photograph it.

This is after setting it up. Somehow, Mary is MIA. She's got to be around somewhere because I took her out of the box. And two fences are with her. Someday I'll have a less kid friendly nativity.

The top of our tv cabinet holds our Jesse tree and a Merry Christmas thing that was given to the boys from our neighbors in Connecticut.

Oh, Someday!

Someday, my house will be decorated perfectly.

Someday, I'll have things that I deem to make a perfect Christmas.


In the end, it really won't matter. It's what I teach my kids about Christmas.

Not how pretty my tree was or wasn't.

Not how pretty my nativity was or wasn't.

Not how pretty my mantle and stocking were or weren't.

It's what I do with the true gift of Christmas.

I'll cherish Him.

And love Him.

And teach my kids to do the same.

And that's what really matters.

And I needed that reminder.


  1. love it! someday, you'll look back and love the sentimentality of all your sweet decorations!


  2. Your mantle with the stockings looks like an old fashioned Christmas. Beautiful!

  3. i love your decorations.
    i love your home.
    i love your family.

    ps- i especially like the candy canes on the tree. too fun!

  4. Your decorations are perfect and beautiful. I love them just the way they are!


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