Monday, December 07, 2009

Cousin Time

"Hey guys, wait up!"

Noah, Ethan, Kolby, Levi, Sage
{this is the best I could get}
waiting for the Christmas parade,
two days before Thanksgiving

if we had a backyard, this would definitely be in it
Kolby only fell off once. Jury was hung regarding whether or not he was pushed.

Beginning of a new love.
That's my brother who tirelessly pushed him, caught him and pushed him again and again.

Our number two son. Our number one daredevil. So far.

It only looks like he is going to slam into the van, but I was assured he wasn't. Or maybe I assured myself in my head. I wasn't home.
Example 2 of daredevilness.
Sage wouldn't come near this swing.


  1. I love the picture of all five boys. Levi looks like he is one of the big dudes with that smile.

  2. WOW - I had read the earlier descriptions but the pictures do enhance them! At the time I was "kinda jealous" that I wasn't there to see it all - maybe it was better for my heart that I wasn't!

    Thanks for the pictures - all so cute!

    Definitely not a prejudiced grandma,

  3. Oh my gosh, so fun! Look at all that boy energy.

    You crack me up about the trampoline because you have just said the opposite of what Rob says. :) A trampoline is on the list of things he says will never be in our home; I think there is just some stuff doctors see that affect them forever.

  4. those pictures are beautiful!! taking them with the new camera, I'm guessing? So fun to see the boys in action!

  5. I can hear Sage perfectly "Hey guys, wait up! Guys! GUYS!!" And Kolby the daredevil? Who'da thunk it??

  6. Your boys are so handsome! I love that boy #2 is the daredevil...the one who didn't roll at 8 months. :)

  7. Those are great photos, Kristy. I'm glad you got to take that trip. So fun.


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