Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Because I'm a Big Fat Dork

I met Ree!

{Along with about 600 other women}

And she was nice.

And sweet.

And funny.

And everything you would expect.



Mentioned her spanx.

And her ovaries.

And that Marlboro Man wears boxers.

She was provoked on that last one.

And she almost didn't answer because she started sweating just thinking about it.

I felt like a dork for going.

For handing her my blog address.

But it was fun.

And now I have an autographed cookbook.

She wrote. "Great meeting you!"

I'm pretty sure that means we're BFF's now.

And, I'll probably go to her Black Heels signing tour too.

And then be invited to her lodge.


  1. Cute! :) She was just up here in Dallas and a few of my friends went to her signing. They too had a good time.

  2. How fun! I don't think you're a big fat dork for going...at least, I would maybe do the same thing. :)

    Pass on any good recipes from the cookbook!

  3. You're not alone in your dorkiness! I'm actually totally jealous!. The closest she came to me was Kansas City, and I actually considered for a moment having a girls weekend and driving down to see her.

  4. oh jealous! I wish she was coming closer to Ames. I love the pioneer woman!!! I don't think you're a dork at all, I'd have been right there with you:)

  5. One thing my daughters are NOT is big fat dorks!

    And after reading some of Ree's blog, I doubt that she has any fans that would qualify as such either.

    'Glad you had such a fun and inspiring time!


  6. Lucky!! I wish she would come here! I think the closest she came was Minnesota. Oh well.

  7. too cute. it's weird seeing YOUR blog face and HER blog face together- two faces i see a lot of, but never in the same place! :)


  8. I am a big fat dork too! I went to see PW at Mall of America. I waited 4 hours and have no regrets. Her cookbook is fabulous...added bonus.

  9. I AM SOOOOO JEALOUSE!!!! What is the Black Heels Tour???

  10. I have absolutely NO idea who Ree is. Guess this means I am completely and totally out of it.

    I'm glad you got to meet her, though. She looks nice enough.

  11. Holy Cow. I just realized your post about gave the whole surprise away. In the open book in the picture Ree has already written "To Hollie." That is hilarious.


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