Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I decided to go to bed early and Drew needed to work on something. I was just about asleep and realized I forgot to plug in my phone. I considered just yelling down to him asking him to bring it up. I knew he would. He's just that kind of guy.

I'm so glad I didn't.

I rounded the corner and he gave me this guilty look and then I started laughing. And grabbed the camera.

I'm not ashamed to admit we own a snuggie. But there is a weird pride for not paying for it. We got it from our Sunday School White Elephant gift exchange and lets just say we totally upgraded from what we brought!


  1. Awesome...I love that he is using it!

  2. I love it!! After that night Joey and I were discussing the ultimate White Elephant gifts. It was hard to come up with anything that could top the Snuggie, but we figured it out... The Obama Chia Pet. It just narrowly edged out the Snuggie for the #1 position!

  3. Hank saw the commercial and asked for one for Christmas. Maybe it's work the $14.99 :)

  4. LOVE IT!!!! AHAHAHAHA! I really wanted to bring one home from our white elephant!!

  5. Awesome.
    I have to admit though, I am a little sad. I really wanted Rusty to steal that. Instead we ended up with that hideous clock.
    Oh well.

    Glad the snuggie has found a good home!! In Drew's defense, at least it wasn't the pink or leapord print one. Now THAT would have been a good post!!

  6. Joel would be proud to have a brother-in-Snug.

    (secret: all the kids were so impressed with Joel's Snuggie, they are getting their own for Christmas---they rock)

  7. thanks for the idea! i totally know what I'm bringing to my church staff party on Friday! AWESOME! (I'll probably throw in a Sbucks gcard just to balance things out a bit ;) Drew, blue is definitely your color!!

  8. Funny! I showed Jared too. We miss you guys!


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