Friday, December 11, 2009

Ovens, Cooking, And Could I get More Boring?

I''m slightly embarrassed to admit some things to you, the internet, but here goes.

* I haven't cleaned my oven in this house.
-We've lived here a year and a half.
-It has a self clean button.
-I can't figure out how to lock it to make the self clean function work.

* I've never actually cleaned an oven before.
-First apartment, my mom cleaned it before we moved out. In my defense, I was 8 months pregnant.
-I didn't ever clean the oven when we lived in my brother's basement.
-I half heartedly cleaned the oven when we moved from Connecticut. I'm pretty sure my mom had cleaned it a couple months earlier. Again, I was pregnant.
-Maybe I need my mom to come visit! Wait, she is! Next month. Do I have to have the pregnancy excuse for her to do it?

*I've made two of Pioneer Woman's recipes this week. And messed both of them up.
-I made the Best Lasagna Ever and forgot to layer the mozzarella.
-It gets better.
-I halved it and took it to a friend.
-And didn't realize it until I was eating it myself.
-I had made it 2 weeks ago too. Pride goes before destruction.
-Tonight, I made chili. (Cookbook only!) It calls for masa. And explains that it is in the Mexican food section of your grocery story.
-I bought masarepa and convinced myself that masa must be short for masarepa.
-I realized something was wrong when mine didn't look like the picture.
-I asked my Spanish minor of a husband. And he kindly pointed out that I bought corn meal and needed corn flour.
-Both things still tasted really good.


  1. I rarely clean our fact, the last time it was cleaned was over a year ago and Scott did it since I was pregnant. Now we put foil on the bottom to make clean up much easier.
    I had never cleaned a toilet before college. Now Scott does it.

  2. I can't help but wonder - is there a subtle announcement in these past two posts or just a blatant request....

    Either way, I'm anxious to see you!

    And oh, what would we do, if we couldn't eat our mistakes....


  3. Ovens are supposed to be cleaned??

  4. If both things still tasted good, it's a testament to Ree and to you!

  5. If not cleaning your ovens is wrong, then I don't want to be right!


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