Friday, October 30, 2009

Week Wrap Up

Kolby started school.
And he and Levi got to wear matching sweatshirts that Kolby and Sage used to wear.

He loves it and I didn't cry.

The second day, they had a Fall Festival and he got to wear a costume.
The teacher told me he chose to wear the dinosaur costume out of her stash. Whatever.

And the third day, he had school pictures. A pretty exciting first week. He got cd's to listen to at home and it is so cute to hear him sing along with them.

And, Levi has started walking! He's taken seven steps in a row. We're trying to get it on video but it's proving slightly difficult. He has also climbed up on a chair. He's only done it once, just enough to keep my on my toes!

Sage is getting better at reading. He and I are doing Hooked on Phonics. Let's just say, it gives me an opportunity to practice patience. Excruciating patience. And kindness.


  1. I am so glad that school is going well!! :)

  2. Wow! That's like a half-year's worth of school stuff packed into a few days.

    So, he changed from superhero to dinosaur? Sounds like a boy. The ultimate would be a superhero dinosaur.

    Teeny high fives for Levi.

  3. so fun friend...sounds like a great are a great mom!!!!!!! the sweatshirts are so cute and kolby is so cute in that costume!!! love you friend and see you tomorrow...

  4. you are so pretty! and your boys are all cuteness!

  5. So happy that Kolby is already responding so well to school and that Sage is learning to read with you. Isn't it amazing that when they learn, you do too! Levi will be running by the time I see him again...
    Miss you all,


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