Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Watching my boys hard at play

Makes everything okay.

Blocks was the game

Knocking down brother's tower was the claim to fame!


  1. Wow that scene takes place at our house a lot too! Must be something about little brothers knocking over big brothers towers that is lots of fun!

  2. Love the pictures - so cute! I just can't help but feel sorry for Kolby - always in the middle of the fray! No doubt in my mind God has special patience in store for him....

    Love you all and miss you,

  3. gretchen from lifenutWed Oct 21, 03:45:00 PM

    I love your little ditty. Sounds like a blues song for a big brother.

  4. LOL, that totally happens at our house. But wait half the time he knocks it over by accident and we get that result..Love Levi's face in the last photo. TOO FUNNY! Sorry Kolby!

  5. Kristy, thanks for sharing! When did you cut the boys' hair?


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