Friday, October 02, 2009


My sister in law had their fourth baby early this morning. My brother called me this morning.

My first thought was "Maybe the kids and I should jump in the van and drive to Iowa. 16 hours is so doable."

I just want to snuggle that new little niece.

It makes me sad to think about when I get to meet her.

My cousin was up for homecoming queen last night.

I probably won't get to see her graduate either.

Living life far away from family is hard.

Some days harder than others.

Today is one of the harder days.


  1. Wishing you could have been there to hold your niece.

    Wishing you could have been there for the Friday night festivities.

    Wishing you were able to be closer to your family.

    BUT REALLY THANKFUL you are in my life and I am blessed to know you here! :)

  2. i'm so sorry you're feeling sad- if you ever decide to drive to iowa, we're in sd, so if you're close... :)


  3. I love you, Chunk. I wish you lived closer (for you and for me).

    Jump in the van. You can stay with us if you want.

  4. congratulations on being an AUNT AGAIN!
    i'm so sorry for the hard day. i get homesick for abilene sometimes and it's just 6 hours away. i know that's not even close to the same!
    i wish you could live closer to your family and still live close to us too:)


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