Friday, October 23, 2009


This word, friend. Such a simple word, so much implication.




Do you call people your friend? Do you reserve it for when you introduce them to someone? This is my friend, Bob. Or do you call them, Friend?

Calling someone Friend, like "Thanks, friend!" or "Good to see you, Friend." is new to me. I've been mulling it over since I moved to this strange land and first heard someone say it. And then I got called Friend! That was a good day.

It flows off my mouth a little more easily these days. But, when I hear it, I still smile inside. I hope I never lose that smile. I don't ever want to take for granted being someone's friend.

Try it. Say it someone today. See how it makes you feel. See if it brings a smile to their face.

"Thanks for leaving me a comment today, Friend."


  1. :)

    It is no small thing to be called a Friend.

    Being TREATED like a friend is even better.

  2. Hey friend, have you started calling people "sister" yet? That's another Houston-ism.

  3. I called you today, friend. Hope you are having a good day. Have a terrific weekend, friend.

    PS are you sure people don't just use "friend" when they forget your name?

  4. My best friend, Ashley, uses the word 'friend' all the time. She'll say things like "Thanks friend!" even to complete strangers. It's so sweet. Like her!

  5. Hi Friend.

    Let's have a play date!

    Miss you!

  6. If I didn't call you Punkin or Precious, I would definitely call you Friend!
    As always,

  7. somehow, this post got lost in the back of google reader and didn't show up until today.

    but you're my friend!


  8. my friend, rubey, is queen of calling others "friend." i adopted the saying myself four years ago when i met her. it still makes me smile each time i use it or hear it too. so glad to know YOU, FRIEND!


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