Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Story by Sage

To bring some structure and order to our days, I ordered the Five in A Row curriculum. The gist is to read one book, five days in a row, learning different things from the book each day.

This week we are reading Lenitl by Robert McCloskey. Lentil takes place in Ohio so we looked at the map and talked about how far away Ohio is and how Ohio is that state that Grandma was born. Yesterday, we talked about literature. Specifically, the five things that make a good story.

Setting the Stage
Rising Action

I talked to Sage about what he thought the conflict was in the story and he correctly answered Old Sneep. Old Sneep didn't like Colonel Carter who was coming home and everyone was making a big fuss over him.

We talked through the other elements and then I asked Sage to write a story. More specifically, tell me a story and I'll write it down.

Here it is word for word: (I didn't change any of the grammar)

Once there were two little boys whose names were Sage and Kolby. They went to the fair. They had a lot of fun because they got cotton candy and ice-cream. They got to do the horsie ride and the carousel.

And then they accidentally went on to the real carousel with the real horsies. And they went into the zoo where you need to try to do the tricks on the animals. They were really scared to do the horsie one because you were supposed to try to make the horsies flip over.

(Pretend the horsies are right here and the seals right here in the picture, real close together.)

You needed to try to make the seals jump out with you on them and dive back in to get out. And then they went through the main gate.

They decided to go back home. But Kolby said "No, let's stay here all night, let's stay here all night!" Sage said "No, you will be alone because I'll leave to home without you." And then Kolby decided to make Sage stay there all night because they actually had dogs that you could buy and they got to buy one of those dogs.

The End.


  1. Reading the same book over and over is the best thing you could possibly do for Sage! Even Kolby! That's alllll we ever learn about in class, mostly how to teach kids to read. Because it's so dern important. He'll start to memorize a story and then be able to flip through the book, look at the words, and say them from memory. Then he can transfer that knowledge over to other books and reading material.

    You're a great mom!

  2. Sage is a great story teller!! This is such a great idea super mom!

  3. There is a similar theme at our house re: dogs. The boys want one soo bad (and so do I, I must confess.) That was a really cute story. It's fun when they start to become interested in "scholastic" things. Are you guys considering homeschooling? Just curious....

  4. way to go mrs. mom. you are a great mom and great teacher:)

  5. Didn't you quote Sage a while back asking if he could be an author? Looks like he is on his way!
    Tell him that Grandma signed up for his fan club!

    Love y'all,

  6. He's a genius. You should give him his own blog. :-)


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