Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Finally A Halloween Picture

I try to be a good mom and plan ahead for things. I decided Sage and Kolby were going to be Super Sage and Super Kolby. We already had capes and masks so I searched for a super suit. I found blue long underwear that I thought would be perfect.

Sage had requested to be a knight but he wasn't upset when we talked about Super Sage and seemed genuinely excited.

Halloween Day: Sage and Kolby are excited to be Supers and to go trick or treating for the first time. Sage mentions that he would really love to be a knight.

20 minutes before we are to leave for our friends house: I whisper to Drew that I feel bad that Sage isn't a knight and that he has had such a good attitude about being Super Sage. We decide to switch it up. We have the knight stuff from a Christmas gift, so we find it and announce that Sage can be a knight.

Then we ask Kolby if he wants to be Super Kolby, a firefighter or an astronaut (all costumes we own). Astronaut. Figure out that the zipper is broken. Firefighter it is!

Levi was a frog. He didn't care and even kept the hood on the whole night.

The helmet doesn't fit Sage, he held it for the picture only and then ditched it. A lot of people commented how he was a Christian soldier because this was an armor of God set.

Oh, Levi. He rode in the stroller the whole time. He was so good.

The boys loved trick or treating. Sage was running between houses. Kolby walked a while and then would ride and then walk to the door and then ride to the next house.

We let them eat candy for breakfast Sunday morning and for dinner. I offered food both times but didn't get any takers. I am so tired of getting asked about when they can have candy.


  1. they look real cute friend!!!

  2. Coolest mom ever... candy for breakfast and dinner? Can I come to your house?

  3. Levi was super cute in the frog suit! All 3 of your boys looked great and I'm so glad y'all had fun.

  4. you are a great mom. i love the last minute changes and the way you went with the flow. you inspire me:)

  5. That is the smiliest fron I've ever seen and the Firefighter and the Knight too. You are one blessed Mommy!

  6. Such cuties! Thanks for sharing. They are just growing up so fast - give them squeezes from Grandma!


  7. They are adorable! I love costume pics. They epitomize childhood wonder and privilege.

    The big buggy eyes on Levi's head are perfection.


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