Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yesterday's Outfit

Top: Merona slub tee
Skirt: Old Navy

Finally! One thing not from Target.

I'm not taking a picture of my outfit today. It is a skirt. I feel like I cheated. I didn't cheat, I just feel like I did. I wore a gray Old Navy skirt just like the black one above. And an old Yale t-shirt. No make-up. But I did shower. So, no picture.

I should tell you what made me think about doing this week challenge.

I went to a women's event at church where they wanted us to meet new women and chat. They had questions sitting on the table for us to answer. One question was, "What would be your dream job?" I said "I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, so I guess my dream job has been achieved. BUT, if I wasn't thinking of my kids or husband than maybe a job in fashion of some sort. I know I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans..." And kind of giggled at myself. I knew that I wasn't dressed super cute or really hadn't tried that hard. The woman sitting next to me said something like "Yeah, when you said that my eyes got as big as saucers!"

My reaction was to laugh. But it did stick with me.

And with that thought in my head, I decided to try to dress cuter. Today, I failed. I didn't dress cute. In my head it was cute but it ended up looking different in reality.

Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. I think the fact that you were in a skirt is much cuter than wearing the same pajama's that you had on when your husband left. But I don't know ANYONE who has ever done that. Nope. Not ME!

  2. I think that you look adorable all the time. I mean come on, you can pull off yellow pants! Not many people can do that.

  3. yep, i agree, anything is better than pjs. and i think you need to give yourself a break...they call it 'stay-at-home' mom for a reason. you get to stay at home! not many people see you! and you get spilled on, spit-up on, occasionally peed and pooped on...who really wants to get dressed up for that? :) but i also agree with rusty and jennifer, you look good. and i remember you from college as the jcrew sweater girl...i promise to keep thinking of you that way instead of the target-brand clothes girl. but there's no shame in that either. that's where i shop now, too!! okay, i apologize for this crazy long comment. it's late and i'm rambling...

  4. What happened the rest of the week?


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