Monday, August 24, 2009

We're in Trouble

Trouble. With a capital T.

See that train table? My dad made it for the boys for Christmas. That's not why we're in trouble.

See how there are three boys standing around the train table? Three? We thought that this would be our "safe place" from Levi for awhile. Not so much.

Mobile at 6 months and standing at 9 months. We call him super baby.

Sage was not quite this active and Kolby had just learned to roll over at 8 months.

We're not quite used to this kind of activity from a baby. We'll keep him.


  1. watch out!

    i'm sure it's easy to believe with jackson being such a wild child...he starting walking at 9 months. and he hasn't stopped.

    are you home? i'm confused.

  2. I never like the climb onto everything stage. Luckily my son only does it when my husband is home. He doesn't try it all day with me but within a minute of daddy being home he is standing on the kitchen table. Think he wants attention from Daddy?

  3. i was just thinking about you this morning!

    man, i had ONE out of 4 that was like that. we kept her too! :)


  4. gretchen from lifenutSat Aug 29, 10:02:00 AM

    Look at your little blonde men! So sweet. Levi is going to keep you on his toes his whole life because of the big brother factor. He will be compelled to keep up with them.

    It looks like quite a nice train table, too.


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