Friday, August 21, 2009

Still Tired

I must need a baby fix this week. Or I'm just tired again.

Here's a post I needed to reread for myself and remind myself why middle of the night nursings aren't so bad.

Originally published February 25, 2009

I'm tired. So tired.

It has everything to do with a certain little boy getting up often to eat or a need to be rocked.

My first flesh reaction is to complain. And boy could I!

And then I thought about how badly I would want to get up with him many times if something were to happen to him, if he was all of the sudden gone. And I realized that I need to cherish those moments. And think about what I love about getting up with him instead of the fact that 2 hours of continuous sleep isn't great.

I love watching him nurse so contentedly like I am the only person that will satisfy him at that moment.

I love when he is done and just laying in my arms so totally asleep.

I love when I pick him up to move him to my shoulder, he startles, and both arms go straight in the air, fists closed, knees pulled up to his chest, kind of like he is about to take off like a super hero.

I love when I lay him on my shoulder and his whole body is limp against mine, just snuggled in so content, so trusting and so totally asleep.

I love watching him after I lay him down in his crib as he finds the most perfect, comfortable way to sleep. His knees pull up under him and his little bum sticks up in the air.

I love kissing his fist.

I love kissing his cheeks.

I love kissing him.

I love him.

Getting up in the night isn't so bad.


And here's the difference 8 or so months makes.

Now, I go get him and bring him to my bed.

I like to doze while he fills his belly.

I love to feel his little body all snuggled close to mine.

I love to kiss the top of his fuzzy head.

I love that his hand reaches out looking for my hand.

I love that he rests his hand on my hand which rests on his belly.

I love when he reaches his hand up and grabs my mouth.

I love when he pops off and I can take him back to my bed and go back to sleep!


  1. ahh, yes. a good reminder to be thankful, even in the middle of the night!!! thank you. i was just wishing today that i could feed norah in my bed. she's so pukey that she has to be upright while she's eating, so we haven't been able to do it yet, but hopefully sometime soon!

  2. So sweet! There is just NOTHING like sweet baby deliciousness.

    Also, you have a lot of self-discipline to get up and take him back to his bed when he finishes! :)

  3. At the last PNO I had the honor of putting Levi to sleep in his own personal room! All the other babies were asleep and we were worried sweet Levi would wake them, so he got his own special room. He got a fancy swing with music and everything and when he fell asleep with that bottle in his mouth I tried to sneakily snatch it away (while he was swinging-that's a tough feat!). When I got it and almost took it he jumped and grabbed the bottle and just pulled it close to him like it was a little teddy bear that he was snuggling with. So sweet!! So I let him hold onto it until he totally dropped it. He's such a sweet boy and I feel so lucky to get to hold him and love on him! THANK YOU again for sharing your boys with us, they are such blessings!!!

  4. gretchen from lifenutFri Aug 21, 04:28:00 PM

    Mmmmm. I completely identify! It's the best, and these days are going by too fast...

  5. Is it bad that sometimes I miss those middle of the night feedings? She doesn't like to snuggle as much anymore!


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