Monday, August 03, 2009

Day 2 with a 5 year old photographer

Today we went swimming and I didn't shower and get dressed until nap time. But, since Bunko is tonight, all is not lost.

Merona (code for Target) skirt
Merona (again code for Target) top

It might be most interesting to see if all my clothes come from Target. Maybe I need to get out more.

I did discover, through another blog, Gock's Frocks and would love to own one of her handmade yoga collection wonderland skirts. Just dreaming, not buying. Thinking of how many different colored shirts I could wear with that. I just know I would wear it at least once a week, if you haven't seen me and hopefully, I won't run into you somewhere unexpected!


  1. You are on a rolll... and you look very nice and feminine! Love your title, makes me smile! My son is 8 and loves to take pictures - it's the only way I get to be in a picture! Logan took all of our pictures (Jason and I's) at Disney World - he loves it! Although today, my 19 month old photographer wannabe, stole my camera from tippytoes and a long stretch and it came crashing to the floor and broke my $$$ lens! Logan is much more careful!

  2. Look like I need to head to Target. I like the combo. I was inspired by you and wore a skirt to Bible Study tonight. Hope you won some fun $ at Bunco!

  3. I am SO WITH YOU on how everything I own is from Target. It's like I never buy any clothes except from there, which is something I kind of want to change. I keep thinking that I should not always buy clothes from a store that also sells paper towels. But do I branch out? No.


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