Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Big Finale

Skirt week came to a close on Sunday. Monday and today I've worn shorts.

I can't think of a great reason that I stopped taking pictures. I got bored. No one seemed to care. But here, in words is what I wore.

Red Old Navy skirt
White Slub Tee from Target

Gap A-line jean skirt
Shirt (From Nordstrom junior department) a creamy white color with a pretty collar and flutter sleeves

a skirt like this, but heather gray
And, say it with me, a white t-shirt from Target

Khaki A-line skirt from Banana Republic
Black Limited shirt


I caught Sage eating his booger. It isn't a rare occurrence. After I scolded him, I asked him, in a disgusted voice, what they taste like.



Levi turned 9 months old yesterday.

9 months in, 9 months out. I can't believe it has gone this fast.

He has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom. 2 more are coming on top.

He belly crawls all over the house.

He has successfully crawled up 4 stairs. (Under Drew's watchful eye. I wasn't home.)

He pulls himself up to everything. This morning, I said to Drew "Soon, he's going to start cruising."

This afternoon, I watched him walk his way down the couch.

I'm not ready for that. Doesn't he know that he's my baby? I'm not ready for my baby to be growing up so stikin fast.

I wonder if I need another baby. And then I wonder if my baby/pregnancy craving will ever be satisfied. What a weird thing to wonder. I guess we have always said 4 or 5. God knows. And that is good enough for me.


I'm going to take a blogging break. Maybe. Probably. Check back. Or don't. Whatever.


  1. I liked skirt week, very inspiring! Also because I know my husband would appreciate it! And I liked seeing pictures! But thanks for the links. Have a good blog break. or not. whatever. : )

  2. You crack me the heck up. I always check your blogs, and thought it was a grand idea to wear skirts. Checked to see what you were wearing, just never had a minute to comment. I think you looked great, I do love me yoga pants all day. For some reason , I eat way more when I'm wearing those.


  3. i'm so glad we're friends.
    love this post.

  4. Not gonna lie.... I have asked myself that same question NUMEROUS times. Will my pregnancy craving ever be satisfied?? I am going to have to find another hobby... :) HA!

    I will keep checking back... SO sad that we are going to miss you at Bunco... we'll just have to get together instead!

  5. shoot, you play bunco? i can never convince my friends to start a group. never!

    i love wearing skirts- but especially because i can't just wear them all year, you know! i've only got a few months for them, then it's cold again!!


  6. I liked seeing your picture every day and of course I always think you look cute but I know you just think that is because I am you mother and I am supposed to think that...but what I think is true!

    Love ya,


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