Sunday, August 02, 2009

Day 1

Today was easy since I usually wear a dress or skirt to church. This dress is from Target a couple of years ago. I haven't been wearing many dresses because of the difficulty to feed Levi but since it buttons all the way down, this one works well.

My brother Brad, is super excited that I'm doing this and can't wait to participate. Everyone go over and say hello! Love ya, big brother!


  1. What a great idea!! I think that I am going to do the same thing starting tomorrow! :)

    Love the dress! I was always afraid that the buttons would pop on dresses like that! :)

  2. Pretty, Kristy. :) We will be at camp this next week, so I will NOT be participating in your challenge, but I did order a couple of skorts last week!

  3. Like I said at church...I love the dress! You are so pretty!

  4. I have a dress from Target that is so similar to that! And I really love it.

    Have fun this week! :)


  5. If I didn't have to deliver babies this week, I would take you up on your challenge. Somehow, I just don't think a dress would work as well as scrubs! Rusty gets mad enough already when I come home with blood and amniotic fluid on me :)
    Have a fun week though. You were rocking day #1!

  6. Wow, this is convicting, even though you don't mean it to be! Scott just told me again that he would love to see me wearing more skirts and dresses. I am going to do this too - starting tomorrow. ;)

    Seriously, I LOVE that dress...SO you. I went back to Cedar Rapids this weekend and drove by your house...saw your dad at church, and also went out to eat with Wendy, Nicole Cronbaugh and Amy Gustafson. They are a HOOT. We saw Kurt and Laurie and I heard the story how you got spanking spoons for your wedding!

    Saw the depressingly vacant houses on the SW side...that flood sure did a number on CR!

    Miss you

  7. I have been wearing a skirt / dress every day since my Morgan was three, and was excited to come home and be a boy, when I changed her clothes out of her church dress - convicting to the heart! My husband has commented multiple times how he really likes that his wife wears skirts/dresses every day! It is so nice to feel so feminine!


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