Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Day at the Beach

Isn't this picturesque? Frameable even? Let's see what's really happening.

They're so cute. Does Levi have his hand in his mouth?

Boys! What is Levi doing?!

Yucky, Levi! I'm still framing it.


  1. Yes, these are definitely frameable pics~~ adorable!!

  2. Those are awesome!

    My word verification is "blech." Fitting for sand in the mouth.

  3. Yes, the picture is worthy of framing and with the story behind it, it becomes priceless!

    Thanks again for sharing!


  4. I totally see these pictures in black frames with thick white mats. I have some of Lulu and Ash that I am totally putting over our fireplace.

    How many times can I write "totally"? I LOVE THESE!

    And yes, I was laughing when Lucy was telling me that stuff....


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