Thursday, June 11, 2009

False Alarm

I think we are safe to say we are not on chicken pox watch! Woohoo!

The little girl that did get it was apparently at her most contagious Saturday and Sunday. Levi was in the nursery with her on Thursday. So, we should be in the clear.

Drew's parents are coming Saturday for the week so I am so glad that we won't be dealing with a chicken poxed baby. We will get to enjoy all our previously scheduled fun. As soon as I schedule it.

Sage and Kolby are having a blast at VBS this week. Even Levi has done wonderfully every day. I was a little worried for Kolby and Levi. Kolby doesn't always love to go to class on Sunday so I thought everyday might be a bit much. But every morning, he has run right to craft time with barely a glance back. This morning, he did need an extra little hug. It was sweet. And Levi, he has done great! I've been sending a bottle of formula for him just in case I couldn't get down to nurse him. It seems he needs to nurse during the time I am supposed to be doing my center. Tuesday, I did feed him and then was so sad to drop him back off. He was too. I had been sending 4 oz bottles and today I doubled it and sent 8 and he drank 6!

I do miss my boys being away from them all morning. It makes me so thankful that we don't all have to get up and out the door every morning. And so thankful that I get to stay home with them. They're so sweet.

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  1. I am so thankful Levi is escaping the chickenpox and especially that you all will be able to enjoy Drew's folks totally!
    Continuing to pray,


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