Saturday, June 27, 2009

Free Things We Do

1. Library Story Time.

2. Neighborhood Pool- we like to pack a lunch, do some swimming then eat lunch pool side. If you happen to see me dumping my water bottle full of pool water under the chair where Kolby was sitting, don't ask.

3. Splash Pad (I can't decide how often we'll do this. Levi and I got terribly hot. His poor little face. He has both his parents Scandinavian red face when he gets hot.)

4. Children's Museum. Technically, not free, but we have a membership that is already paid for. Again, we pack our own lunch.

5. The Zoo. Again, not free but paid for membership. Which I will not go back to until September. Or October. Possibly November.

Any other ideas that I'm missing?


  1. Hey, we just joined our children's museum too! We like it there and it has, you know, air conditioning.

    I'm with you on the splash park. I just get so hot there, as does poor little Violet. I don't think that's a good place for us until everyone is walking.

  2. I was thinking of taking the girls on the Metrorail downtown. They would get a kick out of it. Not free, but a couple bucks a ride.

    What about the beach?

  3. hmmm... that's basically all the free things we do too- and several parks, of course.

    if anyone gives you an earth-shattering idea, you should post about it!


  4. gretchen from lifenutSat Jun 27, 03:26:00 PM

    Do any of your local parks host movie nights? Several suburbs around here have giant inflatable movie screens and they show recently-made films for free. Sometimes they sell concessions. You bring snacks, blankets, lawn chairs, etc.

    Parades are free. Is there a 4th of July parade you can go see? Instead of paying to see a big fireworks display, find a park nearby and spread out a blanket.

    Factory tours! What is made in your city? Candies? Other foods/toys/fun things? Many factories offer free tours with samples at the end.

  5. Hey-
    Another fun thing to do is "letterboxing"'s like a treasure hunt. There's sites online with how-to's and letterbox locations...the boys would love it! Go to for more info.


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